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A New Spokanthem?

So, the other day I was sniffing around on the Downtown Spokane Partnership's Web site to see what art-related events were going to be hitting downtown in the coming months.  Naturally, I found some good events.  But the best thing I found wasn't an event . . . it was a music video.  C'mon Everybody is a sweet song about Spokane, and the video that accompanies is just as good, if not better, offering a unique look at Spokane's past, present and future.  Kudos to the DSP and everyone else involved in the production of this video.  You did a great job!  Go to to watch the video.  Seriously, do it now!  And let me know what you think.  C'mon everybody and raise your glass to Spokane!

P.S. Are there any other Spokane specific songs out there?      



Hey - I dig that new song. Kept singing the chorus all evening after I watched the video. I did hear a song a few years back called Be Remarkable. It was all about the remarkable people and things that have made Spokane great. Makes you feel proud of living here, doesn't it?

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