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What is the most romantic food?


Chocolate & Wine TastingChocolate? Champagne? Maybe Oysters? In your opinion, what IS the most romantic food? I guess it might start with what foods you like. Anything you enjoy could lead to love, right? I'll never forget when my husband and I first rekindled our long lost romance after 28 years apart. He was a steak and beer man, and looked less than thrilled at the first meal I served him: rustic bread, creamy bleu cheese, perfectly ripe Comice pears, extra great dark chocolate and a bottle of Robert Karl Cabernet Sauvignon. It was simple and tasty, but also very tactile as we shared bites and our fingertips occasionally brushed each other's lips... but I digress.

When I Googled "romantic foods," the lists were... frankly, pretty hilarious. Who thinks of prunes as romantic?? C'mon now! Anyway, search the web if you want a laugh. But we are looking for the real deals... dreamy dishes that make your heart go pitter patter.

To this day, I think that first dinner with my guy was one of the most romantic meals we've had together. But hey! There's no need to limit romantic meal planning to Valentine's Day! I'm going to surprise my sweetie with a bunch of date nights during Spokane Restaurant Week, February 22-March 3, when more than 50 of Spokane's best restaurants are inviting us to fall in love with them. For ten days, they'll be serving up delicious three course prix fixe meals for just $18 or $28! Check out their menus on the Spokane Restaurant Week website and don't forget to blog us back with your fave romantic foods!






Sounds like someone needs a cold shower. Anyway, there's something undoubtedly romantic about the bright colors and flavors of perfectly prepared lobster tail, a crisp glass of white wine, and authentic affogato with biscotti for dessert (my personal favorite is from Wild Sage).

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