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Hugos On the Hill for Spokane Restaurant Week!

Hugos on the HillI must admit that I'd never considered dining at Hugos on the Hill. Honestly, it was just a place across the parking lot from Trader Joe's, in my mind.

But after getting a nudge to try it during Spokane Restaurant Week, I made a pleasant discovery.

Tucked inside a small but pleasant location next to its better-known bowling alley, Hugos surprised me with the quality of its menu and food.

A review of its menu in advance convinced me this place was worth a try. Featured dishes include everything from fajitas and Dungeness Crab Louis salad to pot roast and pizza. It's a large and varied menu.

During Restaurant Week, entrée choices included the seafood chowder, the pot roast and Irish Brie chicken. Being in a more steak-based frame of mind, I chose the steak & mashed entree from the regular menu. This dish featured a flatiron steak served on a bed of garlic red skin mashed potatoes and asparagus. Onion rings towered over the entrée and sealed the menu choice for me. I needed some good comfort food.

I enjoyed the meal, particularly the asparagus and onion rings. My littlest companion, age 5, gave the cheese pizza a big thumbs up. My husband approved of the baked halibut with garlic herb butter on a bed of mushroom risotto. He enjoyed the pile of asparagus as well.

"Hugos' signature tower of donut holes" caught my attention for dessert. I had promised my little buddy dessert. Once he learned about the availability of a tower of treats, there was no turning back. The donut holes arrived in a large, paper-lined serving structure including plain, powdered sugar and cinnamon & sugar donut holes. This tower of sugary dough was served alongside hot fudge, caramel and strawberry sauce for dipping. House-made whipped cream tasted really great with the strawberry sauce.

A take-out box full of donut holes accompanied us on our way home later that evening. The dessert is definitely meant to be shared by a large group!

We found the restaurant to be quiet, pleasant and well-serviced. The darkened interior enhanced viewing of the large-screen TVs.

My son is begging me to go back. The attentive staff at Hugos made sure we took a list of "bowlicious" options on the way out.

I'll keep Hugos in mind the next time I head to Trader Joe's.





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