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Champagne Sunday Brunch…

Enjoy our Champagne Sunday Brunch for two (brunch reservations recommended…
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Visit Spokane Organizational Logo

Spokane Falls at Twilight Visit Spokane is the destination management organization for Spokane County and its jurisdictions. As the primary programmatic arm for Spokane’s travel and tourism promotion, Visit Spokane leads the Spokane tourism industry to work together to generate visitor spending by developing and implementing comprehensive destination management programs. It is a self-governing private not-for-profit corporation with a Board of Directors elected by dues paying members.


Mission Statement

The mission of Visit Spokane is to help promote economic development for Spokane County through tourism and tourism promotion. 

Brand Promise

Visit Spokane is a creative, entrepreneurial, market driven leader that champions and protects the Spokane destination brand by bringing knowledgeable leadership and innovative programming to its regional community.


With funding from dedicated lodging taxes, the Tourism Promotion Area (TPA), business improvement district and private membership investments, Visit Spokane has a current operating budget of $3,918,516 dollars. An 18-member board of directors, made up of diverse industry partners and stakeholders, oversees our operations.

2012 Annual Report

Program Results

  • The sales team actively recruited meetings and conventions through participation in 16 trade shows and events, six sales missions, and 43 site visits during 2012.
  • These activities supported by research, sales calls, and regular contact with meeting planners and decision makers resulted in 50,430 confirmed room nights and attendance of 226,219 people with an estimated visitor spending of $99,017,119.
  • The value of the organizations and groups that Visit Spokane touched directly was $251,856,906 with 124,250 associated overnight rooms and 657,994 attendees.
  • The group sales and service efforts resulted in $349,031,463 in visitor spending in 2012 and continuing through the next few years.
  • The services team assisted nine conventions with housing and booked 13,885 rooms during 2012. Attendance building initiatives included the creation and support of 10 microsites, and the team generated 1,485 referrals and 70 service requests (leads) to members/partners.
  • Visit Spokane’s public relations efforts were responsible for $2,314,646 in earned media through publications, broadcast outlets and websites reaching a combined circulation of more than
    198 million people.
  • In 2012 there were 88,638 room nights directly attributable to the Visit Spokane website with an estimated visitor spending power of $19,190,050.
  • Television, print, and digital advertising were used to reach an estimated 83 million consumers.
  • Visit Spokane has a strong member/partner program with 48 new businesses joining in 2012, bringing the dues paying partners to 595 businesses.
  • Retention remains strong with 90% of the businesses renewing their commitment to investing in tourism programs. The dues revenue retention was 94% in 2012, indicating that our industry partners and community leaders agree our programs provide value and make a difference in our quality of life.
  • The number of visitors served in the two visitor information centers during the year was 23,323. The top 5 points of origin for visitors to Spokane were: Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, California, and Oregon.

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Randall Travel Marketing Comprehensive Tourism Research and Strategic Plan

Another milestone that came to fruition in 2012 was the year-long comprehensive travel research on Spokane County conducted by Randall Travel Marketing. The research, comprised of many key segments, included: a lodging study, destination reconnaissance and mystery shopping, attraction manager surveys, inquiry conversion study, visitor intercept interviews by market segment, convention study (conducted by the Radcliffe Company), and a performance review of Visit Spokane.

The study results and recommendations will enable Visit Spokane and the regional tourism industry to further refine messages that will lead to greater visitation. Click here to read the Randall Study Executive Summary.

Visit Spokane

is responsible for the integrated process of managing the destination. The essential purpose is to increase visitation to Spokane in a more comprehensive and balanced manner acknowledging both tourist demand and supply parameters. Key elements include visitor assistance, visitor mix, marketing communications, promotion, advocacy, and destination partnership formations. With the new thinking of destination management, the DMO is involved in land use policy, economic development, and destination development in addition to promoting the existing tourism products and services.

Program oversight is performed by an elected and appointed board of directors comprised of a regional business leaders, tourism professionals, and representatives from funding partners.

Why is it important to promote tourism?

In 2012, visitors spent  $870 million in Spokane County, providing jobs for 9,820 residents and generating $60.9 million in state and local taxes and $307 dollars of tax relief for every household in Spokane County. These figures were provided by Dean Runyan Associates in a report to the Washington State Office of Trade and Economic Impact. Click here to view the Spokane County Dean Runyan and Associates Data.

News from Visit Spokane

Visit Spokane news and industry updates are available to our partners and stakeholders through press releases and electronic newsletter. Subscribe to News from Visit Spokane.


March 26, 2014 - Myth Busting: Big Spokane Events You Can Get a Room!

How about going for a run...or a nice game of hoops? Spokane's the place for you and here's more great news: there are plenty of rooms available! Two of the biggest sporting events in the world are held each year in Spokane. Travelers from just about everywhere come to the Inland Northwest for the Lilac Bloomsday Run (May 4) and Hoopfest (June 28-29). View Full Article

March 7, 2014 - News from Visit Spokane

It's that time of year when the daylight is beginning to last longer and we get a hint that spring is just around the corner - do you feel the energy from the coming of spring? Here at Visit Spokane we do! We are also creating energy and drawing attention to Spokane and I thought you'd like a quick update on some of our new initiatives launching in the coming weeks. View Full Article

March 14, 2014 - Visit Spokane's Social Media Efforts Recognized

Visit Spokane’s social media efforts have been recognized as among the best in the WORLD. A (relatively new) travel website called Skift lists 450 DMOs on its social data dashboard. Of those, only 12 reply to travelers’ tweets in less than two hours. Visit Spokane was one of those. Visit Seattle was first…Visit Melbourne was second…Welcome to Yorkshire was third. Here’s a link to the Skift story: View Full Article

March 7, 2014 - National Award for Spokane Convention Sales Professional

Visit Spokane is pleased to announce Kelsey Soukup as the recipient of the Shawn Corwin-Myland Award. Kelsey is a Director of National Accounts at the Spokane Convention Center and is a member of the Visit Spokane team. She was recognized at the Convention Sales Professionals International (CSPI) Annual Conference, February 11 in Washington, D.C. View Full Article

January 15, 2014 - Visit Spokane Announces Leisure Sales Manager

Visit Spokane is pleased to announce the appointment of Charlotte Finnegan to the newly created position of Leisure Sales Manager. In her new role, Charlotte will focus on enhancing and increasing sales and marketing tactics to reach leisure travelers, affinity and alumni groups, as well as travel agents and AAA offices. View Full Article

November 14, 2013 - News from Visit Spokane

Have you seen our new visitor information kiosk in River Park Square? We love it! Opened on November 1, the kiosk serves as a central location in downtown Spokane for visitors to seek information, pick up a map and visitor guide and speak with one of our knowledgeable volunteers about all the great things to do in the Spokane region. View Full Article

October 10, 2013 - News from Visit Spokane

Thank you to everyone who attended the Big Meeting last week and especially to our sponsors! There were a few announcements that we shared when describing the Big Picture for tourism in Spokane that I'd like to reiterate. This is the time of year that the budget details are being finalized and the Big Cooperative Marketing Programs through Visit Spokane are a great way to leverage your limited resources. Check out the View Full Article

Spokane Wineries on Upswing

I've traveled to Spokane several times, but my most recent wine-tasting visit was particularly memorable. With an increasing number of tasting rooms in a variety of settings, and with plenty of solid, reasonably priced wines, the Spokane wine scene is definitely on the rise. This week and next week I'll focus on some of the highlights of my visit. I've noted a few standout wines here, and will post additional recommendations on my website. View Full Article

September 12, 2013 - News From Visit Spokane

Introducing the Inland Northwest ACE Team After considerable review, evaluation and input from our industry partners and our board of directors, we are creating our own hospitality training program that we are calling the Inland Northwest ACE Team. We hope that you will continue with us as we offer new program modules and additional ways for individuals and corporations to participate. View Full Article

September 4, 2013 - News From Visit Spokane

We ended July with the official groundbreaking for the Spokane Convention Center expansion and completion. Several hundred people gathered to watch as the first steps were taken toward completing this $65 million project that will impact our economic health for years to come. You can read more about it in this newsletter. Great news, right? View Full Article

July 3, 2013 - News from Visit Spokane

I don't usually pitch for specific businesses in this corner of our newsletter, but there are two really great opportunities for Spokane this summer that I encourage you to participate in. First, be a "Tourist in Your Own Town." Join forces with other tourism businesses and promote our hospitality within the region. Why is this important? In today's world of social media, we need our locals to amplify the marketing efforts of Visit Spokane and those of your individual tourism related businesses. Our locals are one of the best ways to build a steady and bold amplifier for all that you do. This is a new way to connect with the locals in a campaign targeted to get them into your stores, restaurants, attractions and accommodations. View Full Article

May 10, 2013 - News from Visit Spokane

Happy National Tourism Week! Yes, our industry is so critical to the US economy we have a week dedicated to recognize the $2 trillion in visitor spending, 14.6 million jobs created from travel and the $129 billion in federal, local and state taxes paid by visitors. We are fortunate to live and work in a community that values tourism and understands that "it does not just happen." As you've heard me mention before, this is a group effort and we appreciate all of you for what you do to make the Total Visitor Experience a great one here in our region. Thank you for making visitors feel welcome! View Full Article

April 3, 2013 - News from Visit Spokane

Call it spring cleaning or reducing the clutter but I want to point out that we have combined two of our communication tools. We no longer have the Membership Minute in addition to our News from Visit Spokane. And the alerts that we send about meetings and conventions are being flagged as a news alert about a particular topic. We strive to have relevant interaction with our stakeholders and we value your inbox and hope that you'll read our communications. Moving forward, we are working on an industry section of our website where we will post communications, data, research, plans and where our members may enter the extranet. View Full Article

February 26, 2013 - News from Visit Spokane

Are you as excited as I am about Spokane Restaurant Week ? The enthusiasm for our restaurants -- and just getting to this point! -- has made the entire campaign successful. The media coverage our local restaurants are getting is substantial, and people are giving us feedback that they feel like they have "a responsibility to support restaurant week." So I ask you, what are you doing? Here are some tips for helping make SRW a huge success: View Full Article

January 22, 2013 - News from Visit Spokane

As we begin our new year, it seems like a good time to point out what "WE" means. In conversations, reports and in general, WE is a term Visit Spokane uses a lot. WE is at the core of my belief that tourism is a team sport. Our professional staff here at Visit Spokane intends the use of WE to mean all of us - our staff, our destination partners, our community leaders, our residents. When Visit Spokane uses WE, it doesn't exclude anyone - it is truly inclusive. Our success as a destination is shared and so is the credit. And there's enough of that for everyone! View Full Article

December 13, 2012 - News from Visit Spokane

As 2012 draws to an end I'd like to take a moment and thank a few individuals who have contributed a great deal to Visit Spokane through the years. First, Lynnelle Caudill from the Davenport Collection has been on the Visit Spokane board of directors for many years and has served as its board chair. She recently attended her last executive committee meeting, yes - she was there through the last meeting - and has not missed a beat during her board and leadership service. Secondly... View Full Article

November 15, 2012-CVB Upd@te

President's Perspective It's a dull world without color. Are you asking yourself why this newsletter looks so bland? Black and white words on the screen without photos don't catch your attention for long. View Full Article

October 18, 2012-CVB Upd@te

Fall is here, temperatures are getting cooler and we are excited about what we've accomplished already this season and what's on the horizon. We recently co-hosted the American Society of Association Executives Summit Awards in Washington, DC with our friends at Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau... View Full Article

Spokane Tourism Industry Leader Leaves Her Hometown

After a decade at Visit Spokane, Vice President of Business Development, Polly Phelan has taken a position with Visit Phoenix. "This is a huge loss for Visit Spokane, but such a wonderful opportunity for Polly," says Visit Spokane President and CEO Cheryl Kilday. View Full Article

Exploring Spokane’s Historic Spots, Part I – Downtown Heritage

As a mining, agriculture, and forestry hub, beginning in the late 19th century, Spokane has played an important role in shaping the Pacific Northwest, despite being overshadowed by other cities in the region like Seattle and Portland. But I found that the city offers so much colorful history and character via its downtown and three of its residential neighborhoods. In this first part, I’ll share with you what I found exploring the vibrant downtown, where history comes alive at the turn of many corners. View Full Article

Spokane's History takes Center Stage in Upcoming National Convention

Spokane will make history when the city hosts the National Preservation Conference (NPC) this fall. The National Trust for Historic Preservation brings its most prestigious conference to the Inland Northwest for the first time when Spokane hosts the NPC, October 31 - November 3, 2012. Spokane is believed to be the smallest city to ever host this highly regarded gathering of preservationists. "The City of Spokane is proud to host the National Preservation Conference this fall," says Spokane Mayor David Condon. "We may be the smallest city to ever host this conference, but our commitment to preserving our historic structures is big. A walk through our downtown provides an illustration. From the Fox Theater to The Steam Plant to the grand Davenport Hotel, our past lives for our citizens and visitors today." View Full Article


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