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Why Spokane, WA Is a Great Place to Live

Just 92 miles from the Canadian border, and stone's throw from Idaho, Spokane is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors, near great mountains, majestic forests and many lakes within an hour’s drive. The city is known for its enviable mountain-biking, 125 parks and municipal golf courses, including one that is nationally ranked. View Full Article

6 Great Small Cities for Food Lovers

Whereas once the national conversation around dining centered on culinary capitals like New York and San Francisco, now cities of all sizes are on the table. To back up that claim, we went looking for six of the most vital contemporary restaurant genres in six markets of varying size, none of which are well known for their dining scenes—yet. What we found was very good eating. View Full Article

Uncorked Adventures

See what the staff at Points North Atlanta had to say about Spokane, including details about the SkyRide, Nishinomiya Japanese Garden and more. View Full Article

Mac ’n’ cheese with gourmet twists

It was super-basic. But as a kid I loved the rich creaminess and tang of the sharp cheese – along with the simplicity. It wasn’t until much later that I learned the dish usually includes more than two ingredients. View Full Article

Spokane Transformed into a World-Class Meeting Destination

SPOKANE IS NO MEETINGS AND EVENTS NEWBIE. Situated along the Spokane River in eastern Washington, this Northwest gem became the smallest city to host the World’s Fair in 1974. Expo '74, as it was called, was the first fair centered around environmental issues with a theme of “Celebrating Tomorrow’s Fresh New Environment.” Approximately 5.6 million people attended the fair, and its legacy was an urban renewal that balanced Spokane’s natural beauty with its downtown core. View Full Article

A silver lining to winter: Outdoor ice skating rinks

Triple axel. Double Salchow. Spirals. If these terms mean anything to you – and even if they don't – you'll be delighted to know you can practice all of them and more on outdoor ice skating rinks throughout the USA. Let's take a look at where you can perfect your moves – or simply stay upright: View Full Article

Underrated cities that deserve some love

Eight hometown breweries, 36 bars, and Washington’s first craft liquor distillery, Spokane is definitely a place to add to your list. Surrounded by beautiful Washington forests, you can find yourself white water rafting, golfing, hiking, touring breweries, and taking the chairlift to the top of the mountains all in the same day. A beautiful spot with an awesome nightlife, and a heavy emphasis on local, craft alcoholic beverages, Spokane is totally worth a visit. View Full Article

5 free things to do in Spokane

Spokane is Washington’s second-largest city, with its 210,000 residents living about 270 miles east of bigger, richer and better-known Seattle. The Lilac City is the largest community between Seattle and Minneapolis across the northern tier of the United States. View Full Article

States of Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment during the 18th century was characterized by individualism and reason. As traditional social, religious and political ideas were rejected, alternative views and lifestyles emerged. View Full Article

Best American Riverfront Cities

After voting closed on the USA TODAY 10Best Readers' Choice contest for Best American Riverfront, fans of Wilmington, N.C. no doubt breathed a huge sigh of relief. They waged a tight but winning battle against Spokane, Washington for the top spot and landed the #1 slot after a frenzied weekend of voting. View Full Article

Spokane’s Chef Jeremy Hansen: Nationally recognized cuisine using local ingredients

Chef Jeremy Hansen of Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie wielded his expensive Japanese knife as he sought out the best cuts of the farm fresh pig on the stainless steel table before him. He was not only demonstrating how to break down the half-pig, but how to find the best cut possible for a special pancetta. The cold case upstairs in his light-filled restaurant was close to empty. It was time to bring cured charcuterie upstairs and to create more cuts to be seasoned and aged in the cases and coolers in the basement of the 100-year-old Spokane, Washington, building. View Full Article

72 Hours in the Inland Northwest

Wine collector Bing Crosby, who dropped out of Gonzaga law school in 1925 to seek fame, would be proud to sing the praises of the wine scene in his hometown. Between Spokane, Spokane Valley and the Idaho Panhandle cities of Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, there are 19 wineries and five tasting rooms. A Spokane city councilman has even created a marketing concept for the Inland Northwest’s emerging wine scene, coining it “The Cork District” with references to the “Spokane Valley Cluster” and “Mount Spokane Cluster.” View Full Article

Summer in Spokane, Washington

My adventure to Spokane, Washington came at the perfect time. The month of July in my beloved hometown of Los Angeles can be overwhelming. The malls and theme parks are flooded with kids on summer break. School’s out, but the freeways are jammed with tourists flocking to the Pacific Ocean. View Full Article

Walking Spokane: Urban vibe meets natural beauty

Portlanders who love walking will find that a getaway to the Inland Northwest will make for an ideal long walking weekend or vacation. Spokane, Washington, the second largest city in the state, affords visitors the opportunity to walk and sight see. Whether it’s a river walk ending at the stunning Spokane Falls and urban park complex, or a Cork District stroll taking oenophiles to several of the 20 downtown tasting rooms, the walkability of Spokane is one reason visitors flock to the city in warmer seasons. View Full Article


On a visit to Spokane, you can easily spend all your time downtown as Riverfront Park offers an endless array of fun activities for families. But you should also check out the outlying neighborhoods where you'll find leafy streets lined with historic homes, bright blooming gardens and clusters of charming cafes, unique boutiques and hip restaurants where local chefs are using the freshest ingredients from the Spokane Valley to create inventive dishes. Put on your walking shoes and explore these enclaves! View Full Article

On The Go With Amy: A Family Adventure in Spokane

Our family was ready to welcome summer with a mini vacation. Our two oldest kids had put away their backpacks and finished up school. My husband had wrapped up a major project at work. As a mom with a new baby, I'd changed a lot of diapers and spent many days at home. I was rearing to get out and about. View Full Article

Spokane has easy-to-like vibe

SPOKANE, Wash. — Forty years ago, this unassuming working-class city hosted a world’s fair. More than 5 million people attended. No city as small as Spokane had ever attempted such a thing. Staged from May to November 1974 on two tiny Spokane River islands and the adjacent south riverbank, Expo ’74 was the first world’s fair to carry an environmental theme. View Full Article

A Washington wine tasting find: Spokane’s Cork District

Spokane, Washington is fast becoming a great getaway destination for wine enthusiasts. With an ever-growing number of tasting rooms in the vibrant downtown area, the Spokane Cork District will provide you with opportunities to taste Washington wines and talk with Spokane wine experts. View Full Article

Top 10 Spring Beers: Selkirk Abbey Infidel

If Groundhog Day heralds the end of winter, setting the clocks forward signals the beginning of spring. The additional daylight hours call for brighter flavors and sharper textures to wake up slumbering tastebuds. Choose from crisp saisons to German style rauchbier and American IPA to robust Belgian ales. GAYOT's Top 10 Spring Beers won't last till summer, so grab these fan favorites now while there's still time. View Full Article

Beertown, U.S.A.: Spokane, Wash.

Outdoor Magazine placed Washington state’s second largest city on its Best Towns list this year, sealing Spokane’s 76 lakes, scenic trails and towering nearby slopes as must-visits for fresh-air addicts. But downtown’s emerging urban vibe coupled with the city’s surging culinary cred—including the first James Beard House visit by a Spokane chef this year—indicate it just might be time to stay inside and savor Spokane. Our suggestion? Start by tipping back pints and enjoying the burgeoning beer culture. (Tip: Plan your route at and print a map; get it stamped at 10 of the area’s 16 breweries, and you score a mini-growler!) View Full Article

U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

Each year, the U.S. Forest Service selects a majestic evergreen tree to serve as the official Christmas tree to be displayed at the U.S. Capitol during the holiday season. This year, the Colville National Forest in eastern Washington has been chosen to provide the 2013 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. View Full Article

Visit Spokane tourist information center to close; mall kiosk slated

Visit Spokane will relocate its visitor information center from its current leased building at 201 W. Main to a kiosk inside River Park Square, says Visit Spokane President and CEO Cheryl Kilday. The kiosk is expected to open on Nov. 1 and will be located on the main floor of the building, between the parking pay station and Chatters Salon. View Full Article

Spokane Thrives on its Waterfront

It’s no surprise that Spokane, Washington, takes its name from the Spokane River. After all, the river runs right through the heart of downtown, bringing with it a pulsing energy and an active outdoor scene that fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of the great Northwest. View Full Article

Spokane full of pleasant surprises for wine-lovers

Today I'll wrap up my three-part series on Spokane wineries by sharing some of the highlights of my visit last month. At Townshend Cellar, owner/winemaker Don Townshend and his sons Michael and Brendon oversee a winery that produces 18,000 cases annually from over 20 varietals. They also own Spokane's Lone Canary and Mountain Dome labels. I was impressed with how long Townshend holds their vintages back prior to release, allowing the wines to develop additional character and complexity. View Full Article

Spokane worth the trip for wine-tasting and food-eating

For one reason or another, and it's usually wine-related, I always seem to end up visiting Spokane at least once or twice a year. I realize that the time and distance from Bellingham to Spokane might deter some of you locals, but really now, a six-hour drive across the state is virtually nothing. Take off from Bellingham at, say, 8 a.m. and you can arrive in Spokane by 2 p.m. and have a good two to four hours still available to visit tasting rooms on your first day. View Full Article

Top 10 Fall-Foliage Resorts in America

Autumn is my favorite time of year in America. All over the country, superb resorts are set amidst lush fall foliage, in landscapes bursting in iridescent oranges, purples, golds and reds. Here are my Top 10 Resorts for Fall Foliage. As usual, we welcome your comments, criticisms and alternatives. View Full Article

Retire Here, Not there: Washington

When boomers think about Washington state, the R-word that often comes to mind isn't retirement, but rain. That may be an unfair rap, say experts, even given Seattle's deservedly soggy reputation. In fact, those determined to spend their golden years in locales where umbrellas are almost unnecessary have several options in Washington's eastern, drier half, which offers miles of grasslands and even some desert-like areas. View Full Article

Spokane Convention Center Expansion Project to Break Ground

Ground breaking for the $50 million expansion project of the Spokane Convention Center is set for late summer 2013 with a completion date of late 2014, according to Visit Spokane. "This is a great step for the convention center and the Spokane region," said Cheryl Kilday, president and CEO of Visit Spokane. "The completion expands... View Full Article

Retire to the REAL Northwest: Spokane

Spokane, Washington, is an extraordinarily attractive city for retirees. It’s got a lively cultural scene. Plenty of educational opportunities. Pretty – and historic – neighborhoods. Mountains and forests surrounding the city. And, everywhere you look, an involved, entrepreneurial citizenry, dedicated to preserving what’s best about the city, and to bringing new life to old buildings and institutions. View Full Article

Preserving state's heritage: Why Spokane is central

Spokane recently played host to the prestigious National Preservation Conference, put on by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Heritage advocates from all across the country, including the storm battered East Coast, made their way to the capitol of the Inland Empire. It was a chance for Spokane to show off its preservation efforts and architectural legacy, which has been key to revitalizing its downtown. View Full Article

Spokane Goes Wild

Nearly 40 years ago, Spokane - Washington state's second largest city - earned bragging rights for hosting Expo '74, the first environmentally themed world's fair. At the time, Spokane was the smallest city ever to host the event. View Full Article

Luxury and Outdoor Fun in Spokane, Washington

In my opinion, Spokane Washington is one of America’s most fun loving cities. Soft adventure is right outside your luxury hotel. Raft the serene Spokane River, bike the picturesque Hiawatha Trail, photograph roaring falls in Riverfront Park. For an exhilarating aerial view, Back Country Aerosports will take you on a breathtaking ride in their ultra light aircraft over golden valleys. View Full Article

12 Facts You Didn’t Know about Spokane, Washington

Spokane, Washington is the forgotten city of the Pacific Northwest. As I discovered last summer in Albany, New York, sometimes it’s the unsung hero towns that give you the best memories. Spokane is an excellent gateway to the northwest Rockies, Glacier National Park, the Colombia Valley Wine Region, and even the Canadian Rockies. It’s got a few attractions of its own and you wouldn’t regret spending a few days there, especially if you love the great outdoors. View Full Article

Father's Day: Give him an unusual Dad-related trip

It's almost Father’s Day so let's be honest: Dad's a pain to buy for. You're going to have to be creative. We're suggesting something travel-related, but not just any old trip to a fishing camp (although there's nothing wrong with that). We're suggesting father-related travel. View Full Article

Bountiful Beautiful: America’s Inland Northwest

Warren and I have always wanted to visit eastern Washington and northern Idaho. So off we went, on a 300-mile culinary odyssey through “the Inland Northwest.” Our agenda: Exploring, feasting and wine tasting. Starting in beautiful Spokane, then driving into northern Idaho, golden wheat fields, elegant mountains and sparkling lakes awed us. We picked fresh apples, posed for photos with mammoth pumpkins and feasted on tangy huckleberries. At family owned wineries, we tasted nectar of the gods. Talented chefs served us smoked trout, roasted quail, rosemary foccacia, filet mignon and sweet peach pie. Farmers waxed poetic over lentils, wheat, and heirloom tomatoes. Everything from farm to table was delicious, grown and prepared with love. View Full Article



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