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Public Health

What defines a community? Here in Spokane, we think the people have a lot to do with it. And having healthy, happy citizens living in our community makes our city a better place to visit, work and play.


In the 2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 84% of respondents told survey takers that they felt that they had good, very good or excellent health. An impressive 85% of survey takers have health insurance with a matching 85% who don't smoke cigarettes.


When it comes to overall happiness, more than 95% of Spokane residents that were questioned said they feel ‘satisfied' or ‘very satisfied' with their life. We think it's because of the 260 days of sun we have each year, but it could also be the Spokane River running right through our downtown core.


And according to Parenting Magazine, Spokane came in fourth in the Healthiest Cities feature and ranked at number seven in the Best Cities of 2010 edition. As if that's not enough, Spokane's cost of living is 9.1% lower than the U.S. average according to Maybe that's why we get so many relocation packet requests!

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