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Agricultural Tours

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Grand Coulee Dam, Dry Falls & Private Farm (Time: 7 ½ hours)

Travel through farm country to Grand Coulee Dam, one of the world's largest concrete structures. Here, tour the Visitors Center, enjoy the film documenting the building of the dam and then ride the incline elevator down into the power house. Next enjoy lunch followed by a stop at Dry Falls. See the skeleton of one of the greatest waterfalls in geological history. By comparison, Niagara Falls would have been dwarfed by Dry Falls. Our last stop is a private farm (farm depends on time of year).

  • Add a stop at the Whitestone Winery or the Buggy Barn, which is known for its beautiful quilts and antiques.
  • Visit the Hutterites and hear their story including learning about their unique method of potato farming and harvesting. Join the students in the community school house and then prepare yourself for a lunch that offers fresh baked bread and cinnamon rolls.  


Growing Attractions - Green Bluff Orchards & Arbor Crest Wine Cellars (Time: 4 hours)

Washington apples are famous for their fine quality and today you'll have the opportunity to tour the unique area of Green Bluff with 700 acres of orchards. Stop at a fruit ranch for freshly-baked fruit pie on a deck overlooking the orchards followed by a ride through the orchards on the Fruit Loop Express. Next, it's off to the Cliff House, once home of an inventor and now the home of Arbor Crest Wine Cellars. The grounds are as unique as the inventor was and after the wine tasting, we'll tour the grounds and tell some stories about Mr. Riblet. The home, a national historic landmark, is perched on a rock 450 feet above the river and gives a panoramic view of the countryside, a perfect setting for wine tasting.

  • Add a stop at the SuperSuris Alpaca Ranch to see the adorable alpacas and shop in their unique store with high-end alpaca clothing and gifts. This is a seasonal option. (Time: 5 hours)


Washington State University & the Palouse Country of Eastern Washington (Time: 8 hours)

Depart Spokane and travel south through the Palouse which has long been known as one of the most productive farming districts in the world. Located largely in Whitman and southern Spokane counties of Washington and Latah County, Idaho, the land has been studied for its remarkable productivity and for the unusual challenges it has presented to crop production. Along the way, hear stories of the Native Americans who lived here and the pioneer families who came to settle this rich land. Next visit Washington State University in Pullman where staff at the University will present the following:

  • A project on research and development of Japanese Waygu Cattle for Washington State farmers to enter the beef export market to Japan. Visit the barns and see these unique cattle.
  • Crops grown in the Palouse. Soft white wheat, dry peas and lentils, which are important export crops especially to the Pacific Rim Countries. These crops are exported out of the Port of Seattle, which is a part of the very important transportation industry of our State. Then tour Ferdinand's Creamery where ice cream and Cougar Gold Cheese are made and sold. Hear about the production of these tasty foods and treat yourself to an ice cream cone or buy some cheese to take home with you.


A Paradise Called the Palouse (Time: 8 hours)

Head south from Spokane to the top of Steptoe Butte for a tremendous view of the Palouse, the richest soft white wheat producing area in the world. From this perspective, the fields look like a big patchwork quilt. In Pullman, visit Washington State University, one of the nation's leading universities in agricultural-related research and education. The University opened its doors in 1892. Hear a presentation by a professor from WSU about one of the areas of agricultural interests. Enjoy lunch at the CUB on campus. Visit the creamery to see how Cougar Gold Cheese is made and have a sample. Then indulge in an ice cream cone or milkshake at Ferdinand's. The creamery is in the forefront of research done in cheese production and allows WSU students to gain work experience in the Food Science field. This is a seasonal option.


The Red Shed Farm Museum & Hay or Sleigh Ride at Mont Lamm Belgians (Time: 4 ½ hours)

Travel 40 minutes north to the Red Shed Farm Museum. The museum has a collection of farm machinery and household goods dating from 1890-1950 and commemorates the life of "Willie" Greiff, whose parents migrated from Germany to the U.S. Then on to Mont Lamm Belgians for lunch, either in their natural wood barn with high beam ceilings or outside on the patio. After lunch, take a hay ride (or sleigh ride), pulled by massive Belgium draft horses along country roads.

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