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Free Things To Do in Spokane

14 GIFs to Get Excited About Summer in Spokane

Sometimes laughter is the best source of inspiration. From summer cocktails and outdoor entertainment to baseball games and swimming beaches, these GIFs are your handy guide to exploring summer in Spokane.

1. When you's warm out!

Check out Things to Do in Summer to get inspired.

Tubing in Spokane

2. When you buy a ticket to a professional baseball game for $6. Go Indians!

Check out "Five Things You Might Not Know About The Spokane Indians" by Calvin Elam.

Spokane Indians Baseball game

3. When you remember how to be a kid again.

Check out regional Water Parks.

Silverwood's Boulder Beach Water Park

4. When you head down to the amazing river flowing right through the heart of your city.

Check out Explore the Spokane River Falls for viewing areas, restaurants and more.

Spokane Riverfront Park

5. When you think you still know how to play basketball and sign up for Hoopfest with your friends.

Check out our Hoopfest Guide for everything you need to know about the weekend.

Spokane Hoopfest

6. When you lose your first three Hoopfest games in plenty of time to catch the dunk contest.

7. Fireworks

Check out our 4th of July Fireworks Guide to find viewing areas.

4th of July in Spokane

8. When you practice your summer arithmetic: Sun + Music = Outdoor Concerts.

Check Outdoor Entertainment for a list of this summer's shows.

Arbor Crest Summer Concert Series

9. When enjoying the weather is as important as your handicap.

Check out Golf in Spokane to explore regional courses.

Hangman Valley Golf Course

10. When you load up on fresh, local produce at the farmers’ market.

Check out Farmers' Markets in the Spokane region.

Kendall Yards Farmers' Market

11. When the journey is as cool as the destination.

Check out "My Top Five Summer Hikes" by Kaylen McRae.

Dishman Hills Natural Area

12. When you take a dip in the water for the first time of the year.

Check out Swimming Beaches.

Lake Roosevelt in Spokane

13. When the biggest decision of your day is choosing between a pina colada and a mojito.

Check out "Five Delicious Spokane Summer Cocktails" by Peter Dunau.

Mojitos in Spokane

14. Enjoy! It’s finally summer.

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