A neighborhood as rich in community as it is history, the Emerson-Garfield area has been a cornerstone of Spokane for more than a hundred years. What started with a race track and fairgrounds has grown into a neighborhood that celebrates revitalization and the idea that neighbors should know each other.

Anchored by the Monroe Street corridor, Emerson – Garfield has long been an overflowing congregation of antique stores filled with treasures waiting to be found. Now, those antique stores are alongside craft breweries and specialty coffee roasters, as well as a weekly farmers market that invite the community to stop and visit.

As Emerson-Garfield grows and matures for a new era, the past is alive and well to remind the neighborhood of its roots. Several homes in the area are listed on the National Historic Registry, and a walk around Corbin Park – a former horse race track – gives you a glimpse of Spokane at the turn of the century.

Emerson-Garfield is a must stop neighborhood while visiting Spokane for those who love history, modern community spirit and the way the two can live side by side. 

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