Latah Valley

Just west of downtown Spokane lies Latah Valley, an area that can barely be described as one single place. The region stretches from newer upscale developments and the sprawling campus of Spokane Falls Community College into the open farmlands of southern Spokane County. Within its boundaries lie quaint urban farming communities, creek-side parks and a golfer’s paradise.

The thread that ties it together is Latah Creek, sometimes referred to as Hangman Creek, which springs from the Spokane River and meanders for miles through remote communities. The area known as Vinegar Flats, because it once was home to a pickle factory, has a homey, small town atmosphere, even though it’s just minutes from the city. Urban farms, plant nurseries and farm houses dot the neighborhood and a small antique store in a converted gas station adds a hip feel to the area.

High Bridge Park has come a long way from its days as tourist camp and one-time sanatorium. Along with water access, scenic footpaths that overlook Latah Creek and the Spokane River, is a dog park spanning more than 11-acres. Try your hand at disc golf. The park’s permanent course is challenging in its natural setting and trees and hazards to make it that much more difficult.

Get out of the city to spend a lazy afternoon on the golf course. The Creek at Qualchan plays into the natural flow of the Latah Creek, with added ponds, hills and protected greens to enrich your game.

See what hides under bridges and bluffs to excite visitors who meander west of the city.

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