West Central

Just north of Kendall Yards sits West Central Spokane. Incredible architecture, stately old homes with wide porches and epic views of the Spokane River are all wrapped into this area.

One of Spokane’s oldest planned neighborhoods, West Central was originally called the Nettleton District. If you like old Victorian homes, this is a walkable history lesson in turn of the 20th century architecture.

Nestled in the middle of it is the incredible Spokane County Courthouse. It looks like a French chateau and its story is a good one. Designed by a 29-year-old dreamer with no architectural schooling, the building stands as an example of Spokane’s beauty and civic pride.

West Central is a prime example of longevity and repurposing. The iconic Doyles Ice Cream shop has been making its own ice cream in the same spot on Boone Street since 1939.  It’s a taste worth lining up for on a hot summer night. Just a couple blocks away is Batch Bakeshop, a new business in an old building.

Come explore old Spokane and check out West Central.

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