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We are so excited to welcome you to our beautiful city! This microsite was created with you in mind! Please take some time to explore the information we're providing. Our hope is that this site will be your guide to local restaurants, things to do, services, and much more during your time in Spokane. We hope you have a wonderful stay! 

Making the most of your time in Spokane is hassle-free! Dinner, shopping, fresh air, the great outdoors... it's easy to access all of these things in our walkable core.

Culinary adventures await you after your meeting! Within a 10-minute walk of your convention hotel, you'll find all sorts of bold and daring restaurants with inspired chefs waiting to welcome you with a relaxing meal. Sip local wine or cheers a pint of Spokane-style craft beer while you discuss the latest innovations and best practices in your field with co-workers and new colleagues. When you meet in Spokane you don’t have to search to find the post-conference nosh you’ve been craving since lunch, and you don’t have to wade through traffic to get there. It’s there right outside the doors.

When you meet in Spokane you get your time back. You can take that run, explore the shops and grab a great meal prepared by an award-winning chef all in one evening. When you meet in Spokane there’s a whole new session waiting for you when the conference lights dim, only in this session you explore the gracious city that’s welcomed you in.