Spokane, WA, July 26, 2011) - This week, U.S. House Republicans are threatening to eliminate the Corporation for Travel Promotion as a part of their "YouCut" campaign. Congress established the Corporation for Travel Promotion, a private non-profit entity, in 2010 to create a marketing and promotion program that would help the U.S. compete for more visitors.

Each week, spending cut proposals are posted on the YouCut website where citizens are able to vote for which government program to end. The cut with the most votes is then introduced as legislation and eventually gets an up or down vote in the House of Representatives.

The Corporation for Travel Promotion (CTP) is the latest program on the chopping block.

Call Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) or Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and tell them that the Corporation reduces the deficit, does not use any taxpayer spending, increases exports, and creates jobs that cannot be outsourced. Tell him not to eliminate the CTP!

The CTP is designed to promote America worldwide as a travel destination. Elimination of the CTP and coordinating marketing efforts will eventually trickle down to all U.S. destinations including Spokane. "Over the last several years, the United States has lost significant market share of international travelers due to the lack of promotion," says Spokane Regional CVB President and CEO Cheryl Kilday. "This is an issue that affects more than the travel industry. Everybody benefits from visitor spending and travel is a valuable export. The CTP is not funded by tax dollars so this would be a cut in name only."

Please call Majority Leader Cantor or U.S. Representative McMorris-Rodgers now about this important issue!

Majority Leader Eric Cantor: (202) 225-4000
U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers: (202) 225-2006

Talking Points for Your Call:

1. Hello, my name is ______ and I am calling to oppose the inclusion of the Corporation for Travel Promotion on the YouCut website.

2. The Corporation for Travel Promotion is a private non-profit entity - not a new government program - projected to bring 1.6 million new international visitors each year to the United States, which means $4 billion in new spending, more than $300 million in new federal tax revenue annually, and 40,000 new U.S. jobs.

3. The Congressional Budget Office reported that the Corporation will actually reduce the federal deficit by $425 million over 10 years.

4. The Corporation is not funded by taxpayer money. It is funded with private contributions and a minimal user fee on foreign travelers.

5. This is the type of "government" program that cost-cutting Republicans should embrace.

6. Eliminating the Corporation for Travel Promotion would not cut spending and lower the deficit. Instead it would eliminate a program that actually raises revenue and lowers the deficit.

7. I urge you, Majority Leader Cantor, to take this proposal off of the YouCut website and ensure that the Corporation for Travel Promotion is maintained.

8. Thank you.

U.S. Travel Association is watching the developments of this proposal and may send out an updated alert if a bill to eliminate CTP is brought to a vote in the House of Representatives.



About Spokane Regional CVB

The Spokane Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau generates economic growth for Spokane County by successfully marketing the Spokane Region as the destination for conventions and leisure travelers from around the world. The proof is in: Visitors to Spokane County spent an estimated $741 million in 2009, providing jobs for nearly 9,790 residents and generating $58.3 million in non-resident tax dollars collected in Spokane County.*

*Figures provided by the Washington State Department of Commerce Tourism Office in the September 2010 Dean Runyan Associates report for the year ending 2009.