Spokane’s iconic Historic Davenport Hotel is a piece of art. We know it, but now the west side of the state is taking notice. KING 5 Evening in Seattle has picked Spokane’s jewel hotel as a nominee for “Luxury Getaway” in 2018’s Best Northwest Escapes. It’s KING 5’s yearly viewers poll of the best getaways in the state of Washington.

Now it’s up to us to vote, vote, vote and get The Historic Davenport Hotel the recognition it so heartily deserves. Here’s how it works:

Voting Details:

This year voting will be by text, and Best NW Escapes officially kicks off on April 1st. The voting window for each category is limited to 7 days. Voting for The Historic Davenport Hotel opens Thursday, April 19 and closes Thursday, April 26, 2018.


Sign up by texting ESCAPES to 33438. Once signed up, you will be automatically notified when your category opens for voting. Feel free to sign up and start getting the word out today!  


Use #BestNWEscapes and tag @KING5Evening

Congratulations to The Historic Davenport Hotel!