Delivers Millions in Economic Impact
Research reveals facts about users

(Spokane, WA, February 15, 2011) - Measuring the financial impact of a destination website isn't easy, but a yearlong study reveals has direct influence on people's decision to visit Spokane and ultimately results in a huge economic impact in Spokane County. Destination Analysts, a marketing research company with an impressive list of tourism clients, just released its findings after analyzing close to 2,500 initial and follow-up surveys completed by users.  Most significant was the economic impact of incremental trip generation followed by days added to trips based on website visits.

Incremental trip generation

Incremental trip generation is based on users who came to undecided about a destination and they were still evaluating locations for an upcoming trip. These users then chose to visit Spokane over other destinations based on information they found on the website.

      On average, those trips lasted 3.1 days and travelers spent $216.50 a day while they were here.

      After users went to, survey results show incremental trips in 2010 generated 
      more than $6,417,290 in visitor spending in Spokane.

Extended stays

The surveys showed also inspired users to spend additional days in Spokane.  Business travelers and leisure travelers who were surveyed had already made up their mind to visit Spokane but stayed longer than planned based on content they found on

      Nearly 1-in-10 said they lengthened their stay based on content.

      The typical length a stay was extended was 1.2 days, with an average spending of $216.50 
      per day.

Total spending estimated by users of

The two components above - incremental trips and additional days in-market - make up the economic impact from this study.  Calculations based on the survey show every unique visitor to lead to an additional $31.60 in visitor spending in 2010, resulting in more than $7 million in economic impact by users.