Who says there's nothing to do after 10pm? Both of us know some of the best things to do after prime time TV.

T. Time: Since my sweet tooth has taken over my entire mouth, I'm a big fan of anywhere that serves chocolate in more than just the traditional form. Press serves up special chocolate and French pressed (hence the name) coffee drinks and you can have them add some spirits in your cup if you like. But I get drawn to their fancy array of cakes, cookies and pies. Their list of locally made bakery items makes my mouth water! So K. Diddy, what do you do after dark?

K. Diddy: Well, one of my favorite pastimes is Capture the Flag - the one game that gives the winning team glory and the losing team a silent disappointment. Finch Arboretum is the perfect place to square off for this battle. The stream that runs through the arboretum is a great dividing line for this. Tall trees, small trees, bushes and rocks make awesome hiding spots - and be sure you wear all black! The stream is also easy to jump while you're running away from your opponent. I've done it, and so what if I drew blood upon my landing on the other side? I escaped. That's all that matters.

T. Time: After you fasten your band-aids, how about a brew at the Steam Plant Grill? I went to there a few weeks ago and tasted all of their delicious microbrews for the first time. I had no idea that the Coeur d'Alene Brewery had their hand in such a prominent restaurant in Spokane! They bring out eleven little glasses on a wooden board cut in the shape of their famous smoke stacks with a menu so you know what kind of beer you're tasting. Their Huckleberry Ale had a great aftertaste of the fruit without being sweet, and their version of Hefeweizen was of the smoothest I've tasted. The atmosphere is absolutely perfect for a late night outing. I'd definitely recommend hanging out there!

K. Diddy: Love those brews. Usually I'm rejuvenated at some point in the night, so I grab my bowling ball and head to Lilac Lanes for Cosmic Bowling. When the lights go down, the fun begins in each and every lane. The pins light up, laser lights flash around the entire alley and high stakes bowling takes place. When I need a break from the bowling, I head to the casino section of Lilac Lanes - but only if I'm feeling lucky. It's a great place to win strangers' money at the poker table.

After bowling, I tend to be in the mood for music and ice cream. Since Cold Stone Creamery is so close to the bowling alley, I usually head there because as they serve you your frozen treat, they'll sing to you - if you tip them! I like Cold Stone at night because of its laid-back atmosphere and ice cream...need I say more?

Where do you go for music?

T. Time: I used to play piano as a kid, so when I was introduced to the Gibliano Brothers Dueling Piano Bar & Music House this past winter, I knew I was going to have a good time! They have events nearly every night that range from Open Mic to Karaoke plus their main Dueling Pianos act where two people go back and forth playing songs. You can't help but clap and sing along. Some people even dance!

K. Diddy: Well I dance about as well as I juggle fire batons, so I rely on sports to have a good time. Whenever I need my sports fix - and trust me, I need it A LOT - Heroes & Legends is always there to fix me up. 34 flat screen TVs offer plenty of options. Every major sporting event is always televised and the food and drink menu is filled with items that satisfy my late-night cravings. TV monitors are also in booths and yes, even above the urinals!

T. Time: When I was a kid, my parents would build a little fire outside and we'd roast marshmallows and make s'mores together all the time. I've got pictures of myself with goo all over my face because they were so delicious! So eating s'mores at Catacombs Pub brings back those childhood memories! They bring out a little marshmallow roasting contraption with chocolate and graham crackers for you to make your very own s'mores. It's the sweetest (and stickiest) 7 bucks I've spent in Spokane!

Also, have you heard of Left Bank Wine Bar? It's is one of Spokane's little secrets, and my favorite places to go at night. Popular among the local wine crowd, finding a seat there can sometimes be tricky. I love their chic atmosphere with dark lighting and fancy chandeliers. On Friday nights, live music plays at 8pm and lasts for a couple of hours. I always bring a deck of cards to play some games while I'm sipping on a wine flight. It's cheap entertainment, and so much fun!

K. Diddy: You can also find entertainment at Northern Quest Resort & Casino. Slot machines, table games, poker, off-track betting, Keno and more keep you active all night. Wherever I turn, food is near. Masselow's, Woodlands, Rivers Edge Buffet, Fat Burger (my favorite!) and more all offer different eats for whatever mood you're in during the night.

So, T. Time, I think we found plenty to do in Spokane after 10pm. Here's to excitement all night long!