Just this last week, I attended the opening night show of one of WestCoast Entertainment's Best of Broadway productions at the INB Performing Arts Center. The INB is home to the entire Best of Broadway line-up in Spokane and makes a perfect home to these productions! It's super pretty and comfortable inside and the INB is located right in downtown Spokane. Plus, their staff is wonderful! They all go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of and enjoy your night at the theater.

The show I saw on Thursday night was Legally Blonde and it was fabulous! It's based on the 2001 hit movie starring Reese Witherspoon and the play follows Malibu-born and raised Elle Woods. Elle is everyone's favorite sorority girl who has everything she could ever want (including her super steamy boyfriend, Warner!) The story follows Elle to Harvard Law School on her quest to regain Warner's love. At first, Elle has a hard time but soon discovers that she is a perfect fit and proves everyone wrong. The decorations and the costumes were gorgeous and the performers were so talented. The show is totally pinkalicious!

We both really enjoyed watching Elle travel her way to Harvard graduation and found ourselves giggling in our seats! Afterward, we couldn't stop ourselves from singing, Omigod You Guys, one of my favorite songs from the show! Even though Legally Blonde: The Musical is over, be sure to get your tickets to the next Best of Broadway shows coming to Spokane. What's in the line-up? Prepare yourselves for Wicked, CATS, Hal Holbrook: Mark Twain Tonight and 9 to 5: The Musical. I bet they'll all be great shows to see!