If you bring your kids to a city, they might be, like, “Do I have to go?!” or, maybe, “Why do we have to go there, this is gonna suck,” in a very whiny voice. Believe me, I’ve been there.

But Spokane is a great place for teenagers. We’ve got Laser Tag, Splash Down Waterpark, Silverwood Theme Park, Triple Play, and, like, five ski resorts and dozens of parks. We have three malls, with great restaurants and movie theaters: the Regal Cinema at the Spokane Valley Mall and NorthTown Mall and AMC in downtown’s River Park Square. We have all sorts of restaurants, from a Red Robin to Spencer’s, a great steak house. We have a Nordstrom, if you like shopping, and all Nordstroms are different, apparently. If you’re into shopping, our malls will satisfy any need to use your parents’ money, or your own.

When it’s time for bed, we have lots of hotels. There’s the Davenport Collection’s Hotel Lusso, The Davenport Tower and The Historic Davenport and, now, the new Davenport Grand. The Davenport Collection is all close together and really nice. All of them, except the Lusso, have a restaurant inside and they're nice restaurants, too. We have the DoubleTree by Hilton, that’s where Spencer’s is. There are plenty of different options of hotels and motels to stay at and they're all great. They have TV’s and beds, housekeeping and a lot of them have room service.

But back onto what there is to do. We have Sky High, essentially a big indoor trampoline. I personally haven’t been, but have heard great things about it. Triple Play has laser tag, a water park, bowling, a hotel and go-karts. And more that I’m sure I’m forgetting. Silverwood has a water park and rides and fun stuff like that. Fun for any age.

So when your kids complain about going to Spokane, show them all this really cool stuff they can do. And have fun!

(Editor’s note: Jared is the 13-year-old son of Visit Spokane President and CEO Cheryl Kilday and her husband Tim Kilday. When Visit Spokane’s blog editor suggested that Jared write a story, Cheryl – with a tiny bit of trepidation – said, “Well, his dad and I have dragged him just about everywhere so he does have some opinions about travel!”)