Before you continue reading, you must agree to something.  And that something is that this blog is strictly between you, me and the thousands of other people who read it (slight exaggeration).  By continuing to read, you take full responsibility for any actions and/or activities that this blog may entice you to participate in.  Alright, my conscience is clear.

I love the Bowl & Pitcher.  There's something about the force with which the Spokane River shoots through Riverside State Park.  The way it flows through and around the enormous basalt rock outcroppings is both peaceful and exhilarating at the same time.  I can't count the number of times I've taken the quick 10 minute drive, or 20 minute bike ride, to simply sit and enjoy the wild yet peaceful (very contradictory I know) Bowl & Pitcher.  But never, in all the years I've lived in Spokane, had I visited at night. 

I'm about to give you a great piece of advice.  But take it at your own risk. (Refer to the first paragraph for our agreement.)  Visit the Bowl & Pitcher at night!  Last weekend a friend, who had never been to the Bowl & Pitcher, and I, grabbed our headlamps and made the short hike up to the Bowl & Pitcher overlook.  If you must know, yes, the "friend" is a she; yes, I was trying to impress her; and yes, I believe it worked.  Stop badgering me!  But seriously, I dare you to find a better place in Spokane to star gaze.  I dare you to find another place where you feel so utterly isolated, just 10 minutes outside of Spokane.  And I dare you to find another place more serene, quiet and beautiful at night.  If you don't believe me, try it for yourself . . . I dare you. 

Of course, the company you choose is a huge factor, so choose your companion wisely.  One who has their own headlamp is always a top-notch choice!