Because I have anything but a Type A personality, I usually wait until the last minute to pack for any kind of vacation. Then there I am at midnight, scrambling around the house like a mad woman, trying to find anything and everything I might need for my trip. Should I bring hiking shoes or high heels? Do you think I need to get some bug spray? Where are the Band-Aids?! If only there was a Type A person out there who created a packing list for me!

So, ladies and gents, because I want you to avoid the pre-vacation packing panic, I've made a list of things you absolutely must bring with you on your trip to Spokane this summer. Remember, I am not Type A so I won't list out how many pairs of underpants you should bring (okay, seven) or categorize which items should be in your carry-on versus what you should stuff in your checked baggage. But I will give you some pointers on other things to bring that will make your Spokane getaway that much better!

  1. Waterproof sunscreen. It gets warm and sunny in Spokane at the drop of a hat, so be sure to carry a bottle of this stuff around wherever you go. Plus, the region is full of outdoor activities (boating, hiking, canoeing, biking - just to name a few) and the sun is bound to find you!
  2. Camera. The Spokane region is full of beautiful scenery and tons of fun photo ops. Take a picture with the bronze runners in Riverfront Park. Snap a shot of the river from the Spokane Falls SkyRide. How about one when you're wine tasting? Or after a crazy ride at Silverwood Theme Park? The possibilities are endless!
  3. Comfortable walking shoes. This is one thing I always forget to pack. Spokane's downtown is super walkable and there's a ton to see and do. Don't make your feet grumpy by wearing shoes your feet don't get along with. A comfy pair of tennis shoes (or really nice sporty sandals) will do the trick!
  4. A light jacket. Mother Nature likes to play games with the Spokane region and believe it or not, it rains sometimes. Unheard of, right!? So, if a shower breaks out while you're here, don't panic. Your light windbreaker will do you wonders.
  5. Smartphone. A smartphone? Yes, a smartphone. As much fun as it is to wander about Spokane aimlessly, the Type A person in your group will probably want to know where you're headed. The Visit Spokane mobile site has all kinds of cool info (like places to eat, shop, play - and there are even lots of money-saving special offers!) Just go to on your smartphone when you're here. (But then put it away so you can enjoy Spokane to the fullest!)

Okay, those are the main things. Obviously you'll also need to pack things like, oh I don't know, clothing? And camera batteries. And contact lens solution (somehow I always leave this behind). Anyway, I hope my list was helpful and got you even more excited about your trip to Spokane. The weatherman said that mid-July through mid-August are going to be warm and beautiful this summer, and I can't wait to see you in our region!

Psst - quick shout out to our VisitSpokane Facebook fans! Thanks for the help with this blog. I asked for some suggestions on things to pack for a trip to Spokane and they had tons of great answers. You all rock!