Here's a random fact that you may or may not want to use to impress the opposite sex:  There are nearly 70,000 pizzerias in the United States.  To be completely honest, I thought that number might be bigger.  Of course my view of that number is skewed by the inordinate amount of pizza places that call Spokane home.  Spokane might as well be known as the land of mozzarella and marinara!  So how does one sort through all the pretenders, false advertisers and fakers to find the greatest pizza in Spokane?  My suggestion, which you obviously want since you're reading my blog, is to say sayonara to all the national chains.  These companies sold their soul for a buck a long time ago and it shows in their pizza.  Secondly, take a look at the remaining pizzerias.  If they're not tossing their dough, consider them a no-go.  Fresh dough is a must and when they toss it before they make it, well . . . it's just cool!  Finally, the cool factor.  A place can make the best pizza but if it's a shady joint they won't be getting my business.  These are my tried and true pizzeria picking criteria.  So who does that leave standing?  Survey says . . . wait, what's this?  A tie?  How could it be?!  After all that scrutiny and comparison there are still two standing?  Don't be too surprised, these two local joints serve up delicious pizza with an atmosphere to match.

Bennidito's Pizza:
What's my favorite thing about Bennedito'sBeer buddies!  These tasty dough balls, cooked to perfection, brushed with butter and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese make life worth living. Seriously, they're that good!  I also like the buckets of PBR.  No, unfortunately it isn't an actual bucket full of PBR.  It's actually a bucket filled with five chilled bottles of PBR.  Drinking out of a bucket would be much more fun!  Oh, and I like the pizza too.  Huge slices, copious amounts of cheese and whatever ingredients tickle your fancy, pair with the perfect amount of grease creating a foldable slice of pizza that is second to none.  And the deck . . . epic!  There's nothing better than a summer night on Bennidito's deck with a great slice of pizza, cold PBR and great friends.

David's Pizza:
What's my favorite thing about David's?  The fire truck! The David's Pizza Response Team rolls around in a tricked out truck providing delicious catered relief wherever it's needed.  You've got to see this thing!  I also like their open kitchen.  You get a first hand view of them hand tossing your crust and preparing your pizza.  I feel like it helps me become one with the pie!  And that pie I'm speaking of is sooo good, with all the ingredients being freshly prepared throughout the day.  David's just says no to pre-cut vegetables!  Oh, and I like the owner too.  In addition to being crazy about his pizza, he's one of the raddest guys I know and a pretty sick cyclist to boot.  I love eating at David's for three reasons.  1.  Amazing pizza.  2.  Awesome service (better than Bennidito's, sorry!) 3.  Sweet décor (the cycling jerseys just do it for me).

Hopefully you're not looking for me to tell you which one to eat at because I just couldn't do it!  You know what that means right?  You'll just have to try them both!  Cry me a river!