We are approaching the one day every man in America has circled on his calendar. That one day full of love, laughter, maybe some tears......and Pennzoil.

Valentine's Day? Heck no. I'm talking Daytona 500, which just happens to be on February 14th this year. (Sorry honey!) For all of you who can't make the 2,800-mile road trip, there's no need to fret. Spokane's own Fastkart Speedway will let you put the pedal to the metal as if you were Jimmie Johnson (or Danica Patrick) on the Daytona racetrack.

Have you ever been on the same track as Antonio Banderas? How about Tom Petty? Take to the track at Fastkart - you'll burn rubber on the same track those two stars raced on when they were in Spokane. With a number of hairpin turns and a real checkered flag, you'll feel like you're racing in the Grand Prix.

I felt like Spokane's own Chad Little winning the Goody's 300 at Daytona as I drove past the checkered flag waving above me. And so what if the go-karts can only reach 35 miles per hour? For the size of track at Fastkart, that's an insanely high speed.

If you have kids who aren't big enough to see over the steering wheel in a normal car, they can pretend to be a racecar driver in the big arcade while you're on the real track passing your buddy and yelling, "Eat my dust!" You'd make Tom Sneva proud.

Fastkart is one of only three tracks of its kind in America (the other two are in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas). And maybe - just maybe - you'll enjoy the go-karts so much you'll want one of your own. Great, because Fastkart sells those as well. Hey, it beats anything you'd try and create yourself with a motor from your old lawnmower.

Make sure you pick your race times wisely - owner and operator Joe Miller said Fastkart is known to have long lines on Saturdays. And don't be afraid of accidentally bumping into another driver on the track. These go-karts are made to stay on their wheels - this isn't Monster Jam. Thank goodness!