Most mornings, breakfast is what gets me out of bed.  French toast, oatmeal, scones, you name, it I like it. So of course I am always on the lookout for a good breakfast joint. You know, a place that serves a whole bunch of tasty morning treats, has distinct character and brews a cup of coffee that will keep me out of bed.

I am happy to report I have added McGlade's Bistro & Wine Bar to my list of breakfast "hot spots." This North Side favorite has long been known for their fresh produce and pies, but recently joined the ranks along-side other local Spokane breakfast eateries, and for that I am thankful.

 The "Ranchero Omelet" combines two of my favorite foods, eggs and salsa. Once I have downed it, lucky me, because I still have hash browns and toast to devour.  For those of you with a similar sized appetite to mine, the breakfast buffet is an excellent choice. If you are thinking "whoa, my stomach is the size of a pea," don't you worry. The "1 Egg Your Way" is a bit smaller and equally satisfying.

If, for some reason you're not a breakfast person, bummer for you...but McGlade's offers a full lunch and dinner menu as well as many items to-go, including their famous homemade pies.  I grew up on these pies, especially the huckleberry, and I turned out pretty good, right? So if that is not reason enough to try them, I don't know what is. Still not amused? Maybe the weekly beer and wine tasting events will captivate your taste buds more.

The next time you need a reason to get out of bed and stay out of bed, head North to McGlade's and stuff your tummy. Once you have overindulged, if that's even possible, grab your friends, kids, spouse, really anyone you enjoy being with and go check out what's going on at GreenBluff, you're already nine-tenths of the way there.