Bigger isn't always better. That's why we live in Spokane, right? Big cities often mean big traffic headaches, big prices and big problems. In medium-sized Spokane we enjoy vibrant arts and entertainment at a level much more expected in a larger city. As I sat in the INB Performing Arts Center on opening night of Come Fly Away, I enjoyed the tunes of ol' blue eyes and the kind of dancing only attempted by professionals. Fabulous, toe-tapping, incredible music and dance. All 80 uninterrupted minutes of the show were exhilarating!

Spokane is celebrating 25 years of Best of Broadway. Crazy to think for two and a half decades, Broadway shows have been coming to Spokane. The numbers tally more than two million people who have experienced a show at the INB. Next, Young Frankenstein takes the stage December 15-18. Beauty and the Beast takes over the INB January 26-29 and the Tony Award winning Best Musical In the Heights, April 12-15. Several other shows hit the stage too and the season ends with Mary Poppins June 12-17. Wow! Do you know how many other cities our size would love to have that kind of line-up? Sure, we have the facilities to host these shows, but more important, we have a great local company called West Coast Entertainment that's the vision behind the magic of Broadway in Spokane.

Many would say we're lucky to have such big-city entertainment right here in medium-ville. I don't think its luck, its love. Many people have worked tirelessly over the last two decades bringing Broadway to Spokane. We are a marvelous city boasting a sophisticated arts and entertainment tradition. Best of Broadway proves it!