It's funny to me that I've lived in Spokane for pretty much my whole life (minus those three years I spent at Washington State University - Go Cougs!) and still haven't eaten at some of the yummiest restaurants in the area. Go figure!

About a month or two back, my parents asked if I wanted to have dinner with them at Chaps. I had heard of the restaurant before, but never had a chance to go. It's sort of tucked away on the far end of a grocery store along Highway 195 (or the Pullman Highway, as locals call it) just south of downtown Spokane. When we went, it was a Friday evening and we walked in to find an amazing local band playing some Eric Clapton (one of my faves!) The place was pretty busy, but they got us seated right away.

The walls of Chaps are painted a bright periwinkle color (no kidding!) and decorated with all kinds of old lamps, vintage picture frames, wooden doors and funky knickknacks. And no two tables or chairs are alike. It's super colorful and eclectic - I loved it!

The waiter brought us some water (in mason jars!) and we ordered. I had the Breadcrumb Crusted Chicken and it was super juicy and flavorful. Definitely some of the best chicken I've had in awhile! My dad had the Seared Salmon that was topped with an orange zest cranberry sauce. It looked awesome and he said the fish was cooked perfectly. Yum!

Then it was time for dessert. The owners of Chaps have a passion for baking so we couldn't pass up the sweets this time! Between the giant cookies and the huckleberry cobbler, I was in heaven!

I've been back to Chaps twice since then and I always have an incredible time. I would definitely put this on your must-go restaurant list next time you're in Spokane!