Billy Currington came to Spokane's Knitting Factory Concert House last week. It was a dream come true if you ask me! And if you don't know who this country singer is, you're really missing out (unless you don't like country music or nice looking men.) Anyway, my sweetie and I slipped on our cowboy boots, grabbed our tickets and got to Mixx Nine One Sixx (the bar attached to the Knitting Factory) early to fill our bellies with food and drinks before the show. Their menu is full of tasty dishes and the bar has tons of good brews on tap (along with a nice selection yummy mixed drinks.)

An hour before show time, the doors opened and we flooded into the concert house. After propping ourselves on the upper deck by the railing, we were promptly greeted by an amazing server who was ready to take our order. The cool thing about this music venue is that it's so intimate, you always feel super close to the bands! When Uncle Kracker came on, the crowd went wild! Not only did he play some great tunes but he was really funny, too! Soon, it was Billy Currington's turn and boy, he sure sang his heart out! He even played my very favorite song, Good Directions. We had so much fun!

So, if you're ever in Spokane and get the itch for live music, definitely go to a concert at the Knitting Factory Concert House - you'll have a great time!

(Oh and check out his tweet about Spokane!)