Everybody who visits Spokane falls in love with the Centennial Trail. It's the 37-mile paved trail from Nine Mile Falls to the state line. It even continues another 24 miles on the Idaho side of the border through Coeur d'Alene. It weaves its way through Riverside State Park, the city of Spokane, Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake to the state line. With 37 miles of multi-use trail, litter can be a problem. That's why the team at the Spokane Regional CVB took time on Saturday, April 17 to help clean up miles 10-11, our adopted mile that runs right through the heart of Mirabeau Park. Hey, it's the least we could do - we love and use the trail too!

We woke up to rain that morning, but a little rain never hurt anybody. It didn't keep us from putting on our gloves, grabbing a shovel, a rake or a Hefty bag. We're tough and dedicated here in Spokane!

Our mile was right next to the Spokane River where trash had washed ashore. We had to hike down the hill and pick up any trash along the way. We were about to get real dirty! Even when my coworkers tried to scare me with the threat of snakes in the area - untrue! - I knew I had a job to do.

Once we got down by the river, we found a lot that surprised us! Plastic bags, bottles, cans, even a car tire! I knew anything could be down there.

And really, with a large group like the one we had, the time goes by fast and the work is fun. That's good, because we need to keep our trail clean, especially when it runs beside the river. That trail gets a lot of use each day by walkers, runners, bikers, skaters and more, so keeping it spotless is key in preserving what we cherish as, "Near Nature, Near Perfect."