A long time ago, in my previous life, I took piano lessons.  I was never any good.  And despite my teacher's completely unfounded claims of my lack of practice, I blame it on her for being old and out of touch.  The fact that it took me three weeks to figure out where middle C was has no bearing on this conversation.  After all, she once told me that playing the piano was like fighting with the keys.  This idea goes against every instrument-hugging, "be one with the instrument," statement I've heard since that fateful day.

I tell you that somewhat embarrassing story to tell you this bit of exciting news.  The Gibliano Brothers Dueling Piano Bar and Music House is opening this weekend!  Who knew, the old bird actually knew what she was talking about?!  Playing the piano is really about fighting . . . or dueling.  So here's the scoop:  Friday night, April 10, the doors will swing open at 4pm, with the music kicking off at 7pm.

Still confused about what a dueling piano bar actually is?  Believe me I feel your pain.  I'm still trying to get the image of two pianos sword fighting out of my head.  So, for those of you who don't know, dueling piano entertainment involves two musicians who play pianos onstage, take song requests from the audience and bring audience members onstage to perform karaoke-style.  If you haven't witnessed it, you really are missing out!

And to think, if I'd only taken my old teacher's advice, I could be dueling my way to piano fame.  Oh well, I'll settle for an entertaining evening as a consolation prize.

Where can you find Gibliano Brothers?  Follow the music to the old 24 Hour Fitness building at 718 W. Riverside Spokane, WA.