Darn it.  Once again I had to slog my way through a great and garlicky meal out.  The occasion?  My daughter's birthday.  The place?  Europa Restaurant in downtown Spokane.  Now Europa has always been one of my faves for their delicious homestyle meals and great bread.  Thank goodness I'd spent three hours on my mountain bike that day!  Their garlic laden baked manicotti was to die for...  but the best part of dinner (besides enjoying the evening with family) was our server.  A perky dark haired doll who was the perfect amount of attentive, but most especially to my seven year old granddaughter.  She took the time to explain the soups of the day as though doing so to any one of us grown ups at the table and didn't flinch, when after her careful explanation, my granddaughter opted for salad instead.

It's always a fun surprise when the meal and the service equal one another. But despite Europa serving up those super yummy homemade pasta dishes and a righteous rack of lamb, and in spite of the fact that their tiramisu just happens to be one of the best I've ever had, the fact of the matter is that our server was simply so delightful, our family can't wait to go back.

When you're up for great food, incredible homemade desserts and some of the best service around, why not dish up dinner at Europa?