This story is for those of you who may not be familiar with Our Team! We want you to know two things -- no, three things -- about the Zags!

  • One -- location.
  • Two -- pronunciation.
  • Three -- pronunciation.

ONE - Gonzaga University is located in Spokane, Washington. Spokane is the second-biggest city in the state of Washington. We're located on the eastern side of the state -- the sunny side! (Seattle's on the west side.) Our city has been named one of the best outdoor cities in the nation (Outside Magazine), one of six great small cities for food lovers (The Wall St. Journal) and one of the USA's best riverfront cities (USA Today). If you want to find great restaurants and great nightlife and a great city to explore, Spokane's the answer!

TWO - Gonzaga is pronounced with a soft "A," not a hard "A." It's easy to remember. It sounds the same as the "A" in "Opacity." Or the "A" in "Galivant." Or "Antecedent," or "Aunt Alice," or "Atta Gal!" If you can say "SupercAlifrAgilisticexpiAlidocious" then you can say "Gonzaga!" -- which brings me to point #3.

THREE -- If you can say "Gonzaga" -- soft "A" -- then you can say "Spokane." It’s the same rule for both nouns: a soft "A." The k-a-n-e in Spokane looks like it might rhyme with "cane" but it doesn't. It rhymes with "can." Spokane can. Spokane is a can-do city. To every woman and man I tell you -- it's Spokane. Sing with me! (I'm excited about the soft "A" Zags -- forgive me!)

So when you tune in to watch the Zags tune up on those other teams (Ha! Three banal state names. Meh.), join in with the #SpokaneZags and declare your allegiance for Gonzaga (soft "A") and Spokane (soft "A")!

Share your love for the Zags and Spokane with us on social media! Just use #spokanezags!