Hey hikers, travelers, visitors and everybody else who wants to check out everything in Spokane: there's a new tool to add to your tech utility belt. Google Trekker has just launched in the Spokane region, and it's giving us a look at area parks, trails, golf courses and more...even before we get off the couch.

google trekker header 2

How it works:

Google Trekker is just like the Street View feature in Google Maps, but now you can take a look at areas other than someone's front porch from the street. For example, you can search for Manito Park and get a 360-degree view, real life, in-the-park look at what's there. No longer are parks just a green spot on a map! All you have to do is search that location in Google Maps, hit the little Street View icon on the bottom right of the page and click on the map. That will take you to the Google Trekker view. 

Why it's extra cool:

The Spokane region is one of the first places to be explored with this new feature. Google reached out to Visit Spokane to capture the footage, and our volunteers went to work! They trekked the trails and walked the parks, all with a 50lb backpack in tow. That pack was equipped with a super fancy 360 degree camera. Shout out to the volunteers!

How you can use it:

Google Trekker is more than just a cool feature; it's a practical tool that can help you prepare for outdoor adventures. Ever wonder what shoes you should wear for an outing? Me too. Specifically, what shoes I should wear for a hike. This is where Google Trekker comes in. I can hop on Google Maps, look up Dishman Hills Conservation Area, and get peek at what kind of trails I'm up against before heading out.

Not a hiker? Don't worry, Google Trekker will still make life easier. Say you have family in town and are trying to decide which park to show them. Send them the Google Trekker links! They'll be able to get a glimpse of Huntington Park and Finch Arboretum before they even arrive in town and let you know which one they'd rather stop at (I recommend both if time allows).

Google Trekker can also help you with your golf game. For real. You can head online and get a look at what obstacles await you at Hangman Valley Golf Course and compare it to what you might face at MeadowWood, and decide which 18 holes will make your swing look better in front of your college buddies.

So what are you waiting for? Even if you're not planning an outing soon, make sure to jump online and check out the new Google Trekker feature, and get to know Spokane that much more.


 Google Trekker Locations

 Centennial Trail

 Discovery Playground

 Dishman Hills

Eastern Washington University

Finch Arboretum

Gonzaga University

Hangman Valley Golf Course

 Huntington Park

 Iller Creek

 Liberty Lake Golf Course

 Manito Park

 Meadowwood Golf Course

 Mirabeau Park

 Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens

 Mt. Spokane State Park

 Riverfront Park

 Riverside State Park

 Whitworth University


 WSU Spokane