You don’t have to travel to the Emerald City to take in one of Broadway’s finest productions. Thanks to WestCoast Entertainment’s Best of Broadway Productions, you can see it right here in Spokane! Wicked is currently playing at the INB Performing Arts Center May 18-29 with very few tickets left (so if you don’t have tickets yet, you better hurry!) The show is amazing and is an excellent way for Best of Broadway to close out this season. The production is beyond anything else I've seen with the absolutely mind-blowing soundtrack that is full of loveable songs like Popular and Defying Gravity. Plus, both Elphaba (Anne Brummel) and Glinda (Natalie Daradich) blow the roof off the building with their phenomenal voices! The entire cast put on a stunning performance to a standing ovation at the finale.

Wicked takes us to the Land of Oz prior to Dorothy’s arrival and gives the history and background of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda, The Good Witch. Throughout the show, we discover why Elphaba is green and the secret friendship the two girls formed at Shiz University. We then follow them through their lives as they fulfill their respective destinies and become the people (we thought we knew) in the Wizard of Oz.

Be sure to check out WestCoast Entertainment’s Best of Broadway website for special ticket offers and take a peek at the amazing playbill of shows for next season!