Getting married in Cabo San Lucas in December seemed like a good idea twelve years ago, but the reality is that our anniversary really gets lost in the hubbub of the holiday season. This year we made a special effort to celebrate and decided to spend our special day at our favorite seafood place, Anthony's. Spokanites take this gorgeous spot for granted. There are many, many cities with rivers running through them, but where else can you find the spectacular falls, historic buildings and a view of a 100 acre park? Anthony's is situated in exactly the right spot to take advantage of this unique location. We had a great table overlooking the falls with the festive red lights on top of the Pavilion in the background. The decorations were beautiful and the service was first-class as always. The bartender's special margaritas were even better than Cabo! I asked our waiter for his suggestion for dinner. When he told me to order "the halibut cheeks," I was a little nervous. I've never seen a halibut cheek, but I'm always ready to try something new. And WOW - where have these things been all of my life!? These little delicately grilled morsels were served with a semi-spicy pineapple salsa and every bite was an absolute delight. They were so good that my husband asked for a second order instead of dessert (too bad they were out for the evening.) We'll be back very soon so he can get his share, believe me!