So, my last blog on disc golf - or Frisbee golf, or whatever - perhaps didn't garner the attention I was hoping it would. No matter - this one's about real golf!

It's a great feeling when you're hauling around the golf bag instead of a disc. It's a more mature game when you play with clubs on freshly cut greens.

I guess it's a good thing I live in Spokane, because I have 33 golf courses in the region with prices as low as Phil Mickelson's scores. With par 3's and full 18's, I'm like a dog in a steak cabinet.

So say I want to start off slow and ease my way into golf shape. I'll probably start out at Esmeralda or Downriver (shot a humbling 113 there last weekend!) Both are pretty flat and you probably won't lose your ball. Whether it's nine holes or 18, both give you a great introduction to the game of golf here in Spokane.

Once I feel comfortable with my technique and haven't lost too many golf balls, I'll likely head to Hangman Valley or The Creek at Qualchan. Both are in close proximity and the views are amazing! Latah Creek is the main obstacle at Qualchan, and I'd better be strong enough to get it up and over the creek in two on the 18th hole. If I avoid the sand and trees at Hangman, I'll be fine.

Since I'm now a seasoned vet, I'll want to show off my skills on the links. Where else but Indian Canyon? It's one of Spokane's oldest and hardest courses and has lots of trees, lots of sand and lots of cursing golfers (at least in my foursome). But that doesn't mean you won't enjoy golfing on a course designed by the same man who redesigned the famous Pebble Beach! Just bring plenty of extra balls. Trust me.

I've spent most of my time golfing near downtown, so now I should head east to find some more fantastic links. Liberty Lake Golf Course was just remodeled, and the 12th and 14th holes share a green! How cool! But bring plenty of golf balls, unless you feel like swimming in any one of the four lakes searching for your ball.

Right next door is MeadowWood Golf Course, so I'll have a decision to make standing on the corner of Molter Road and Valleyway Avenue.

So now I'm ready to tee off with the best of them thanks to my time on Spokane's golf courses. Of course, I didn't even mention the lush Wandermere, the tree-filled Sundance or even Circling Raven out at the Coeur d'Alene Casino. All are great places to swing your clubs.

So you tell me: What is your favorite golf course in Spokane and why?*

*The only wrong answer is no answer at all!