I had a flashback as I got ready for a Bloomsday prep run this weekend.  Not a déjà vu "I've been here before" moment, but a "holy smokes, I'm a hypocrite moment!"  Let me explain.

When we were younger, my brother and I shunned cross country.  What's the point of running miles on end in short shorts?  Plus, every one knows runners never get girls!  Then, one fateful day, he crossed over to the dark side.  Don't worry, I stayed strong.  In between the repeated jokes and insults I flung his way I made four fateful promises.  One, I swore I'd never buy "real" running shoes because they were ugly and too expensive; two, I swore I would never wear short running shorts; three, I swore I would never run more than one mile at a time; and four, I swore I'd start running longer distances only when I saw a serious runner with a smile on his/her face (I figured this one was fool proof).  For years, I lived and loved my non-running lifestyle.

Fast forward to this past weekend.  I lean over and lace up my GT-2130 Asics Gels ($100).  After checking my running calendar (What?!) to find that I'm slated to run 5 miles, I walk by the window on my way out the door, seeing the reflection of my short running shorts.  They're Under Armour!  That makes them a little bit better . . . doesn't it?  Then, as I start running, I get passed by a serious runner who looks like he's suffering from exhaustion.  It hit me like a load of bricks!  I had broken all four promises!  I had become my brother.  I had become; dare I say it . . . a runner!

It took me a while to come to grips with this revelation, but when I did, I realized I owed it all to the world-famous Lilac Bloomsday Run.  Who cares that I only ran it the first time to win a bet.  The important thing to glean from this is that being a runner is not as bad as it sounds.  Plus, come Sunday, May 3, there will be some 40,000 other short short sporting, expensive shoe wearing people huffing and puffing their way through the 7.46 mile course.  You'll fit right in!

I can't wait for Bloomsday!  Did I just say that?