I used to work at Northern Quest, so I thought I knew exactly what to expect from their hotel. Perhaps that's why I was shocked when I opened the door to one of their suites. Let me attempt to recap the first fifteen minutes of my stay. It is Friday night and I have just received my room key.

"Enjoy your stay and please let us know what you think about your room Mr. Baker" said the reservation clerk. I put my room key into the elevator and selected the fifth floor. How cool is this? My first time staying in 4-diamond hotel and I am in a suite! I push the door open and set my bag down, time to explore the digs. This room is twice the size of my college dorm room! Nice, but where is the bed? Do they seriously expect me to sleep on a pull out! Oh I see. There are two rooms and the door is eclipsed by that crisp flat screen. I walked into the bedroom, took off my shoes and launched onto the tall bed all in one swift movement. Wow, another pair of lounge chairs. One night is not going to be enough to sit in all these chairs. The blinds are closed, so I stand up and peel back the heavy curtains. Two walls of glass from floor to the ceiling offer a nice panoramic view. I am usually enthralled by shiny things so the sunlight hitting the mirror in the bathroom garnered my attention. No, I am not a weirdo that is obsessed with bathrooms and I would never plan on being excited about one, but this bathroom is legitimately awesome. There are two massive backlit mirrors hovering over modern dual sinks. A spacious glass enclosed 8-nozzle shower with digital temperature controls next to the jetted soaking tub with luxurious spa-like toiletries will serve as the perfect station for an evening soak and a bottle of wine. For once, I felt like a king.

Those fifteen surprised and childish minutes turned into a few hours of relaxation with a bottle of wine. Then I noticed what time it was, hung up the robe and headed down to the lobby. Luckily the casino is a twenty four hour operation. I'll admit, I am not the best gambler, so I went straight to Legends of Fire to pick out a cigar from their impressive collection. For the second time, I felt like a king. After cruising the casino floor for a while I called it a night and headed back to the room. Then I did something certainly out of character. I filled out the room service menu. One breakfast wrap, a delicious egg, potato, avocado, fresh salsa and sour cream combo plus a plate of biscuits and gravy, fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee all to be delivered at 7:30 simply by hanging the menu on the door.

Clearly, I have been influenced. I have always considered myself, first and foremost, a tent camper and hostel vacationer but I may find it hard to pass up the undeniable pleasantries of class and service. Bottom line, go to Northern Quest. I promise, you will not be disappointed.