Longhorn BBQ IRW BlogOn Tuesday as the day neared 4pm, I received my husband's daily "What's for dinner?" text. I grabbed a copy of the Inlander Restaurant Week guide before leaving work and picked out Longhorn Barbecue in Spokane Valley. I knew my husband would be thrilled and I admit...I had been eyeing their Chicken and Waffles dish for two weeks!

I started with the soup of the day-an amazing creamy potato with chunks of juicy ham. Finally, it was time for my chicken and waffles. This dish was worth the two week wait! The fried chicken was perfectly crispy outside and tender inside and 100% delicious. And it was delightfully paired with a cornbread waffle and sweet and savory sauce. My husband was reaching for the wet-naps after his amazing BBQ platter that featured brisket, ribs, and chicken all barbequed to perfection and served with baked beans and a variety of on-the-table sauce options. He loved that you didn't have to choose just one type of sauce - they bring you all of them!

For dessert, we had the bread pudding and the hot fudge brownie sundae. This meal couldn't have been any better!

If you're looking to experience some finger-lickin' good food for Inlander Restaurant Week, head to Longhorn Barbecue!