Recently, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Jill and Julia show at The Bing Crosby Theater. Julia Sweeney, Spokane native and Saturday Night Live star, performed along with folk singer Jill Sobule in a unique show featuring Jill's witty song lyrics and guitar strumming alongside Julia's funny, animated storytelling.

The evening began with Spokane's Mayor proclaiming that March 11, 2011 was Julia Sweeney day in the city! Julia seemed very surprised and humbled and it sure was a treat to see all the support from the crowd!

Once Jill (along with David Carpenter on bass) joined Julia on stage, the show quickly started and the storytelling and song playing began! The combination of music and comedy was really fun and exciting.

Julia sure is incredible at taking an every day event in someone's life and turning it into a hilarious story. She told us about the time she went shopping for a salad spinner. The clerk at the store told her that she looked just like "that gal from Saturday Night Live. Oh, what's her name? I think her name is Julia Sweeney. I wonder what ever happened to her!" Julia, suggested that maybe "that girl from Saturday Night Live" really liked salads and was hoping to buy a salad spinner. The comment went straight over the clerk's head and the whole room erupted in laughter!

I was also impressed by Jill's talent. Her folksy songs and sassy lyrics about everything from politics to ex-boyfriends were super funny. The two played off of each other well and everyone was having a great time.

Having grown up in the same neighborhood as Julia, it was fun to see friends and parents from our grade school days. They were all there to support a friend and to see a hilarious show! The evening was great and I had such a fun time. And I can't wait to catch another show at the Bing Crosby Theater!