In my experience, having a drink is an experience.  And contrary to popular belief, I would suggest that the physical drink plays a minor roll in the overall experience.  It's the other factors that create a memorable drink experience. (If you're counting I used the word ‘experience' four times in three sentences!)  The most notable variable is the bartender.  I think the bartender makes or breaks every drink experience (fifth time). Wouldn't you agree?  If you don't, you're obviously not experienced (sixth time) enough to continue reading this blog!

This weekend a friend and I headed up to Vintages @ 611, a sweet new restaurant and bar on Spokane's South Hill.  Originally unimpressed by the exterior, we were greeted by high, exposed industrial ceilings, comfy colors, a very chill and relaxed atmosphere, and Dan the bartender once inside.

I'm just going to throw this out there . . . Dan is one of the BEST bartenders in Spokane.  Mix Tom Cruise in Cocktail with Woody Harrelson from Cheers, stir in a sweet pony tail and you've got Dan.  Talking straight bar skills . . . dude knows his stuff!  From his knowledge of liquor and mixing to his presentation skills and flair, Dan can impress even the most pessimistic drink aficionado.  I wouldn't consider myself pessimistic, or even a drink aficionado, but on this night I was definitely indecisive.  I didn't know what I wanted to drink.  Dan asked me two questions before creating a drink for me.  Just two questions!  Who knew two simple answers could lead to something so delicious?! 

When you've got a great bartender time flies, which is precisely why I don't know how long we were at Vintages.  However, I know that while sitting at the bar I wasn't just having a good time, I was entertained.  I got to play with fire and liquor at the same time!  I learned the what, why and how of every drink I drank.  And, most importantly, I learned a few tricks of the trade.  But don't think I'm going to divulge that insider information to you!

So, the next time you're feeling like a good drink, good conversation or maybe even learning something new, make your way to Vintages @ 611 and ask for Dan.

Speaking of service . . . Where else in Spokane can I go to get the best wait and/or bar staff?

Vintages @ 611
611 E 30th Ave