Gaiser Conservatory Use thisEveryone has their Christmas traditions. Some deck the halls with garland and tinsel the second Thanksgiving dinner is finished. Some load the kids in the car and "ooh" and "aw" over the sparkling neighborhood lights. I love to watch my favorite Christmas movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Spokane has tons of holiday happenings to put you in the Christmas spirit, including a few "lesser known" activities and events. For long-time Spokanites, some of these events may seem like old news. But, I've lived in Spokane my whole life and a few were new to me! So, let's talk about some unique holiday events in Spokane.

Holiday Lights at Gaiser Conservatory
Manito Park is a beautiful spot to visit in the spring and summertime because of its diverse mix of colorful gardens. Did you know that you can view bright flowers throughout the winter, too? Gaiser Conservatory is filled to the rafters with a variety of exotic, tropical plants and flowers from around the world. In the winter, the unexpected paradise is truly spectacular. Glowing with 30,000 twinkle lights, the conservatory is especially stunning at night. Extended hours for night viewing start December 7 and will stay open through December 19.

Downtown Carriage Rides
Bundle up and see the sights of downtown Spokane in a traditional horse and carriage ride. Just wait on the corner of Wall and Main and listen for the clip-clop of the horse to pick you up! While riding, you'll receive free candy canes and coupons for coffee and hot chocolate at participating downtown coffeehouses. And the best part? It's free! Available through Christmas Eve, Fridays 3:00-8:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays 12:00-5:00pm.

Winter Wonderland at Riverside State Park
Riverside State Park has scenic trails to walk and ride year round, but this year they've decided to take advantage of their idyllic snowy landscape and transform into Winter Wonderland, December 13-16. Take a hay ride, sit on Santa's lap, sing along with carolers, or stroll along the illuminated Swinging Bridge to fully experience the festive Riverside State Park. Admission is only $5!

Green Bluff Holiday Memories
Everyone knows Green Bluff is the place to be in the fall for apple picking, pumpkin chunkin' and more. But, did you know that during the holidays Green Bluff has a variety of tree farms with lush greens waiting to be taken home? After you cut down your perfect tree, stop for lunch or pick a present at one of the gift shops. A list of tree farms can be found here.


Now you have a few new ways to celebrate the holidays in Spokane! Popular or lesser known, our winter festivities are full of cheer. For a full list of events, take a look at our Events Calendar. Merry Christmas!


Do you have another holiday event that not many people known about? Comment below!