“Throwing Stones at Houses since 2011.” Does this slogan refer to ruffians roaming the streets and pelting our homes with rocks? No, not to worry, Spokane. While the Lilac City Curling Club will not be vandalizing your neighborhood anytime soon, best not get between them and the 40lbs of granite they send hurtling down the sheets of Riverfront Park’s Ice Palace every Sunday evening.

Spring and summer was a long break for outdoor curling in Spokane. No ice meant no curling. When October rolls around, the LCCC dusts off the stones and the brooms, pebbles the sheets, and sets the hacks. Old timers, veterans of last season, and newbies gather on the ice. Friendships are made, rivalries re-kindled, and polite challenges are laid. Players shake hands and wish one another, “good curling!” Curling is a very civilized sport with rules of etiquette. Sportsmanship is paramount, and curlers should conduct themselves honorably on and off the ice. Preparing to curl involves physically practicing and mentally focusing on the game and it’s unique techniques. But as you are reading this blog, you most likely have realized that learning the curling vernacular is critical as well. Learning the language is a must; if you don’t learn the meanings of important terms such as blank end, burned stone, hog line, pebble, skip, sheet, and broomstacking (my favorite curling term) you’ll certainly be lost. You can get your fill of terms curling.ca.

As colorful as curling pants (let me Google that for you) are the individuals who gather on the ice to compete in this revived Spokane sport. There are some colorful team names here too: Baby Broomers, Rock Solid, Hearts of Granite, Holy Sheet, Mind Body Pants, and the 12 OZ Curls (my team) just to name a few. Fun is had by all as we play our eight ends, back and forth across the ice toward victory…or defeat. All in fun, and the night typically culminates with a broomstacking session where we review the night’s battle over a beverage.

Registration for Winter league and the Learn to Curl sessions are open but if you are interested, you had better hurry as the spots fill up fast. Keep up with Lilac City Curling Club and join us at Facebook.com/The-Lilac_City-Curling-Club. Hurry Hard! Yup Yup!