Mackenzie River SRW BlogMy husband and I stopped in to MacKenzie River Pizza (North) on Wednesday night to check out the Spokane Restaurant Week menu. We had just been to a local gym and needed to discuss whether or not to join....over a giant feast, of course. We gobbled up all three courses and decided we must join the gym because we want to eat here again and again.

I love my mom's meatloaf, I do. However, MacKenzie River Pizza's meatloaf is my new favorite! Made with bacon, cheese and crunchy BBQ onions on top, it was delicious! Served with buttery mashed potatoes  and a side of perfectly cooked green beans, I know I will crave this in the future and will definitely go back for more.

The caesar salad was very good and my husband's taco soup was delicious and spicy, just the way he likes it. He also had the lasagna which he compared to a pizza lasagna with pepperoni. He loved it! The beer was "ice cold", an important detail for my husband and an added bonus to our meal. For dessert we tried the Mac Lovin which was hot, gooey chocolate chip cookies with ice cream and sauce....oh my. I'm in love.

We thought the food was top notch, however the best part of the dining experience was the service. The minute we walked in the door we were greeted with a smile and promptly seated by a server who, with hands full of dishes on the way to the kitchen, still cheerily welcomed us, seated us and let our server know we were there. From there the service was prompt, attentive and excellent! On our way out the door we received a "thanks for coming and have a good evening" from the kitchen folks.

My nephew professes Mackenzie to have the best pizza in town. But folks it's not just pizza, it's just GREAT!