I am one of those lucky people that works two blocks from the Centennial Trail.  It takes approximately four minutes from the door of my building to hit the trail.  I try to walk the 2.5 mile loop every lunch hour I can spare.  I'd like to say that it's because I'm so committed to physical fitness.  I'd like to say that it's because of the beautiful, flowing river, greenery and natural surroundings.  It's true, that these are all reasons that I get out there and walk that trail.  What really gets me out there?  The Marmots!  Dangit, I love those furry, twitchy, strange little creatures that pop up out of nowhere and stare you down before skittering away.  I love how they can lay flat like a pancake while munching away on grass.  I love the fuzzy little marmot babies that scamper around in Spring.  They just make me smile and on those days that even the sunniest day isn't motivation enough to do my walking workout, the marmots compel me to hit the trail.  I have a weird habit of counting them.  One day I counted 20 marmots!  That's the record and I haven't beaten it yet, but there's always tomorrow's lunch hour!