So here I sit on my couch with a broken toe. Two weeks I have to sit on my keister and not put weight on my right big toe. It's a strange predicament. As I sit here unable to move, except on crutches, which I'm telling you, really isn't fun, I've been thinking things like "Oh man, it's nice outside, if I could walk I would totally be at Riverfront Park right now. I bet the marmots are starting to wake up. I'm missing it. Dangit."

I realize that there is some great stuff right outside my door and I have been taking it for granted. What is it they say? "You never know what you have until it's gone." Or, better put, you never realize what fun you should have been having until you're stuck on the couch for two weeks! 

I am so going for a spin on the Carrousel as soon as possible. I am also going to walk on the Centennial Trail and throw a rock into Lake Arthur and make a wish. Something along the lines of "Please, may I never have foot surgery again." 

Furthermore, I am going to hike up a storm (as soon as I can put even the tiniest bit of weight on my stupid foot) in Riverside State Park, and feel the breeze from the river and take loads of pictures of the Bowl and Pitcher. 

After all that walking I'm going to eat an entire plateful of sweet potato fries from Agave Bistro. Each and every one will be dipped in their delicious sauce. Then, since I'm on carbo overload anyway, I'm going to walk to Churchill's and eat a plate of their ridiculously good creamed corn. This ain't the kind from a can. This is sweet, creamy, corn nirvana. 

I can't believe that I haven't gone up to High Drive recently and looked out over the City. It's such a beautiful view. Why didn't I spend more lunch hours sitting in the lobby of the Davenport Hotel? What has kept me from the latest exhibit at the MAC? I used to walk the dog through Browne's Addition and look at the old houses. 

I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm not taking you for granted anymore, Spokane. As soon as I get off this couch I'm going to rekindle our romance. No more of the "oh, I can always do that" attitude. Just because I live here does not mean I can put off doing all the wonderful things. If only I didn't have ten more days to pine and wish and think. Until I can join you...get out there you able-footed people and enjoy this great city! Time's a-wasting!