The Garland District is a vintage area of Spokane that's cute and cozy. There's a popular discount theater, some small coffee shops, a few specialty places (like Mark's Guitar Shop and the Tinman Gallery) and two neighborhood diners to explore. The area is super fun and I definitely consider myself a lucky girl to call the Garland District home!

Over the years, a couple new businesses have come in when others moved out, but all in all, it's pretty much stayed the same. That all changed just a few months ago, though. In August, a brand spanking new cocktail bar opened up and took the neighborhood by storm! Bon Bon, the new watering hole, is structurally attached to the Garland Theater (where you can see a movie for three bucks and some change) and interestingly enough, it used to be the theater's concession stand (hence all the glass canisters filled with colorful candies you'll find inside.) It's a fairly small place and if you sit at the bar, you can watch employees create some fancy looking drinks. They squeeze fresh fruit into juice to add to their concoctions and even make their very own grenadine and tonic. Plus, the tables are made out of old movie reels to tie itself into the theater. Pretty funky, right?

Brooklynd Johnson, the owner, loves making old-fashioned drinks and she's dang good at it, too! Just a few weeks ago, I was wandering around with a friend and we found ourselves deep in conversation at Bon Bon with some tasty drinks in hand. I'm a sucker for some good whiskey so I ordered an Old Fashioned and let me tell you, I was incredibly impressed. Oh, and they have lots of delicious things to eat that you wouldn't necessarily think you'd find at a bar (like yummy bacon macaroni!)

So, if you plan on exploring more of Spokane, I'd say stop into Bon Bon. It's filled with super nice people, lots of great food and drinks and it's my neighborhood bar, so you might even see me there! Oh and pssst - here's a map of where it is. Cheers!