CoffeeI drink enough coffee to drown a moose, so I consider myself an expert consumer. For years, my favorite drink has been a dirty chai, shots of espresso poured into a chai tea latte. I have frequented many coffee shops in my search for that perfect dirty drink. I found a different flavor and experience at every stop. So last week when I walked into Brews Brothers Espresso Lounge on a friend's suggestion, I was ecstatic that I had found an epic dirty chai!
I was so excited to share my finding with the world, and frankly, I was shocked at their response. I was sure everyone would like my drink of choice and would want to know where to experience it. Instead, I found I was out of touch and in my own sheltered coffee world. So just for grins, I created a brief survey to expand my thinking.

What I Found

I found that virtually no one likes a dirty chai. Only 52% had even heard of a dirty chai and only 25% surveyed had tried one. The most shocking of all was that 0% of my taste test group listed the dirty chai as their favorite drink. Wow.
Aside from my personal disappointment, I did get some pretty awesome data to share. Here are some of the highlights:


So there you have it, a taste of how our town likes its coffee. I know that people don't drink my favorite dirty chai much, which I interpret as my taste being ahead of the curve.

If you are interested in my questions and/or you would like to take the survey, go here: