The first frost comes, the maples trees blush red and the chilly Harvest moon wanes over the Palouse hills: it’s almost Halloween in Spokane.

My memories of this holiday vary from trauma [my mother made me dress up as a pumpkin in first grade, while all the boys rocked superhero outfits (after that I insisted on going as the Grim Reaper for four years straight)] to high school adventures searching the countryside for spooky abandoned farm houses.

I guess that’s the beauty of Halloween. Whether you’re a grade-schooler hoping to score the best costume, a young adult looking for a raucous night or a parent eager to see the season’s magic through your child’s eyes, it’s reason to celebrate.

Here are five stops guaranteed to make this year memorable:

Green Bluff Farms

Weekends thru October 26

The taste of Halloween can be so much more than store bought candy. When I think of October’s flavor, I think of Green Bluff Farms. Just half an hour north of Spokane, the city disappears and the pastoral comes to life. Each fall, Green Bluff Farms celebrates the Apple Festival with fresh pressed cider, pumpkin picking, corn and straw mazes and food stands serving home-style dishes straight from the farm.

Scarywood Theme Park’s Haunted Nights

Thurs – Sat thru Nov 1

Go big or go home. Come October, Silverwood Theme Parks’s 216-acre complex is taken over by things that go bump in the night. The park’s “Scare Zones” feature demented clowns, zombie quarantine zones, chilling dollhouses and more.

Garland Theatre’s Super Secret Fright Night

Midnight Oct 18 and 25

Nothing says Halloween like B-list actors screaming their hearts out. Come see a midnight showing of a quirky horror flick at the historic Garland Theatre. The theatre is keeping the movie title secret so enjoy the surprise. At $2.50 a ticket, the Garland offers the best scream-for-your-buck. Plus if you spend $10 at the neighboring Bon Bon cocktail bar, you get in for free.

Zombie Hike Night

6-9 pm Oct 25

Who says the whole family can’t enjoy the zombie apocalypse? All ages are welcome at Riverside State Park’s annual fundraiser event. Try your best to escape zombies as you make your way through the woods’ eerie shadows.

Spokane Laugh Off

7:30 pm Oct 31

This night is slated to be a fusion of laughs and spooks. To kick things off, comedians will compete to in the Spokane Comedy Laugh Off championship at the Bing Crosby Theater. Then the night will settle into more traditional fare with a big screen showing of John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN, considered the most successful independent horror film of all time.