ShoppersWithout fail, when the first of November rolls around, the Christmas frenzy and decorating begins. "Trick or treat" gets traded for "‘tis the season," and because I love Christmas I'm always up for a little holiday spirit. In fact, I love shopping for holiday gifts early which is why I've created this list: my Top Five Picks for Holiday Shopping in Spokane. A few weeks back I asked for your opinions on your favorite Spokane shops on our Facebook page and got some great ideas that helped supplement my list. So, let's go shopping in Spokane! 

The Flour Mill
As the name suggests, the Flour Mill is a unique place to shop and it used to be a working flour mill at the turn of the century. Here you'll find a potpourri of shops. Does your Dad like to cook? The Kitchen Engine is full of cooking utensils you can't find anywhere else. Does your sister wear eclectic jewelry? Try Wonders of the World, with one-of-a-kind jewelry and beads. You can't leave without stopping at Chocolate Apothecary for a decadent piece of chocolate cake or European drinking chocolate. If you're looking for an extra special gift, you can find it at the Flour Mill.

Boo Radley's
Do you like to be the person who gives quirky, inside-joke type gifts? If so, Boo Radley's is your shop. This place is full of novelty items that will give you a good laugh. Think moustache coffee mugs, Jesus action figures and zany stuffed animals. The store is a Spokane icon, and a must-stop for finding hilarious off-color gifts.

Spokane Valley Mall
Spokane is really lucky to have three awesome shopping malls. Seriously, they're all great and each offers a bevy of stores. However, if I have to choose my favorite, I like to shop at the Spokane Valley Mall. First, it's convenient because it's right off the freeway. Second, it has all my favorite stores. Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21 and H&M can only be found at the Spokane Valley Mall and are great gift spots for finding trendy styles. For your sportsman, find the perfect present at Dick's Sporting Goods (opening November 9), Sports Authority, Champs and Foot Locker. The list goes on! See a full store directory here.

Box Stores
I was surprised (sort of) by our Facebook postings and how many people said they love the "box" stores. This name refers to large chain stores that have good deals such as Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby and others. I like to shop in these stores because of the affordable prices. Plus, you're going to need holiday gift wrap for all of your Christmas loot and these stores are brimming with rolls of reindeer and printed peppermint!

So, there you have it... my Top Five Picks for Holiday Shopping in Spokane. I love that I live in a place that serves as the shopping center for an entire region. Whatever your favorite store is, you're bound to find it here. From boutiques to shopping malls, souvenir shops to sporting goods, visit Spokane for the best holiday shopping.


Is there a store you think should have made the list? Comment below.


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