First, I want to apologize for my abnormally long absence between blogs.  I am truly sorry.  I know you've missed me.  But wipe your tears, because I'm back with a good one.

Normally I wouldn't write a blog describing my weekend's activities and events.  Mainly, because I don't want to be the type of blogger that makes you want to knock yourself out with a blunt object after being subjected to every stinkin' detail about my "interesting" weekend. 

(Side note:  A boring diatribe about your trip to Home Depot, working in the yard and a nice walk around the block is NOT BLOG WORTHY.  If that is what your weekend is like, I'm sorry.  But don't bore others with the dirty details!

However, my weekend was just too good not to share!  Now, prepare to be jealous . . . very jealous, as I blow your weekend out of the water.

Saturday, 10 am:  With the Spokane River rippin' by, me and my friends from ROW Adventures shoved off on a whitewater adventure on the Spokane River.  Just so you know, if you have yet to take on the Spokane River during spring runoff, you're missing out!  This was my first time and I ate it up!  Not only is the river beautiful, but the two main sets of rapids (Bowl & Pitcher, Devil's Toenail) get your adrenaline pumping and everyone in the raft soaked.  My new equation for fun:  raging rapids+70 degree weather = good time!

Saturday, 1 pm:  After ditching the raft and wet suit for a helmet and spandex, I headed onto the Centennial Trail for a quick spin.  Cycling through Riverside State Park from Seven Mile to the Bowl & Pitcher, It's hard to believe you're just 10 minutes from downtown Spokane.  It feels like you're in the middle of nowhere!  I like this section because of all the river overlooks just off the trail.  If nothing else you get the chance to look at the rapids you just shot and wonder, "What was I thinking?!"

Saturday, 3:30 pmDry Fly Distilling was my next stop for a tour and some tasting.  Let me just say that the guys at Dry Fly are running one smooth operation.  If you get the chance, ask for a tour!  You'll learn tons!  Did you know that as the first distillery in Washington State since prohibition, Dry Fly helped write the legislation concerning craft distilleries?  I'd love to divulge more, but you really should get it straight from the source!  And the tasting . . . oh, so delicious!  The best part about Dry Fly's vodka, gin and soon to come whiskey, is that you don't have to be an aficionado to appreciate the quality and uniqueness of the product.  But if you do fancy yourself an aficionado, you'll appreciate knowing that Dry Fly's wheat vodka was awarded Best Vodka and a Double Gold Medal at the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  Enough said!

Sunday, 11 am:  After a short drive from Spokane, my friend Lauran and I hopped on the gondola at Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, ID for a day of skiing and snowboarding (skiing is better, but that's a debate for another day).  Sounds pretty normal right?  Except for the fact that it was May 17th and 70+ degrees outside!  No joke.  Sure, the snow wasn't amazing, but who cares when you can ski in shorts and a t-shirt!  I propose that if you can't appreciate the combination of amazing weather and the fact that you're skiing in mid-May, that your ability to call yourself a true "skier" or "snowboarder" should be revoked.  Just a thought.  And yes, the skiing was fun.  But the best part was the après ski activities at the top of Silver Mountain.  Call me crazy, but there is something about sitting in the snow, drinking cheap beer and getting a sunburn while enjoying a mountain top vista with a bunch of strangers that is hard to beat.  Oh, and the free-for-all snowball fight with nearly 100 people was a blast as well!

Sunday, 5 pm:   For those of you who don't know, one of the most beautiful lakes this country has to offer can be found between Silver Mountain Resort and Spokane.  I've always been a huge fan of Lake Coeur d'Alene.  I've swam in it, wakeboarded on it, skied on it, tubed on it and just sat on the beach and watched it.  But I had yet to hike the natural area located just east of The Coeur d'Alene Resort known as Tubbs Hill.  Stupid me! Luckily, Lauran suggested a post-ski hike out to the point to watch the sunset.  Awesome trails and sweet, secluded little inlets are a signature of Tubbs Hill leaving plenty of areas to "watch the sun set" (Draw your own conclusions here).  Of course, with the hot sun out I couldn't help but jump in. (Note to self:  warm weather does not equal warm water). Cold would be an understatement!

There it is.  My weekend laid out for you in all its glory.  Feel free to copy, duplicate, mimic change or enhance as you wish.  Maybe you'll replace skiing with kayaking or Dry Fly tasting with a wine tour.  It's all good!  Sometimes I still wonder how I fit it all in.  But I did, and I think you should too!

P.S. You did catch that I downhill skied and went swimming in the same day, right?  Isn't that normally reserved for places like New Zealand?