Time Magazine occasionally publishes a list of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, diet, quit smoking, volunteer…sound familiar? You may have broken one of these resolutions yourself—but don’t feel bad. Instead, make a resolution in 2016 that you will keep. Need help? Don’t worry, friend. I’ve got some non-standard, non-traditional and totally revamped takes on classic New Year’s resolutions that you can do right here in the Spokane region!

Standard Resolution: Read more books.
Improved Resolution: Visit a museum.

Books involve a hefty time commitment and significant intellectual effort. Glean the same cool historical knowledge that you would from a book and enjoy the benefit of three-dimensional visual aids at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture or the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum.


Standard Resolution: Exercise more.
Improved Resolution: Hike!

Spokane is home to the first and second largest state parks in the state of Washington. Lifting weights and running on treadmills can’t compare to spending quality time in the great outdoors.

For ideas on where to hike, click here.


Standard Resolution: Eat food that is better for you.
Improved Resolution: Eat better food.

In case you haven’t heard, Spokane’s culinary scene is absolutely dynamite. You can keep your diet, but treat yourself to an occasional meal from one of Spokane’s hot new restaurants. New additions include The Blackbird Tavern + Kitchen, Garageland, Guilded Unicorn, and  Republic Pi. Spokane Valley is home to delicious restaurants like MAX at Mirabeau, and Hay J's Bistro calls Liberty Lake home. For a full restaurant guide, click here.


Standard Resolution: Be more adventurous.
Improved Resolution: Play in the Spokane River.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are swimming beaches aplenty along the river. When the weather heats up, rent a tube from ROW Adventure Center or Wiley E. Waters and get your float on! For other outdoor recreation ideas, click here. If outdoor recreation isn’t your bag, you can still feed your adventurous side—by hand-feeding a tiger at Cat Tales Zoological Park!


Standard Resolution: Quit smoking.
Improved Resolution: Drink instead!

The state of Washington exists at the ultimate axis of quality beer-making ingredients. As a result, our craft beer scene is, as they say, “off the chain.” Pick up an Inland Northwest Ale Trail Map and visit a brewery that you’ve never been to before—believe me, you’ll be able to find one. New breweries are popping up all the time. For a full list, click here.


Standard Resolution: Save money.
Improved Resolution: Spend money.

Saving money is hard. Fortunately, the Spokane region has plenty of places for you to shop with your hard-earned cash. For local variety, check out Golden Gem Mercantile, or Wollnick’s General Store. If clothes shopping is your thing, try Jema Lane Boutique, or LoLo Boutique. For a full list of the Spokane region’s retail destinations, click here.